Jul 30, 2006

Reuters - link -

Okay, so John McCains son in going into the marines. My Indifference couldnlt be larger... but what is this article doing in the "investments" section of Reuters news?

No military industrial complex here, no siree.

Depending on his unit, the younger McCain could eventually wind up in Iraq where Marines have experienced heavy fighting, Time reported. Marines are also in combat in Afghanistan.
The percentage of members of Congress with children serving in the military is only slightly above 1 percent. Sens. Christopher Bond, a Missouri Republican, and Tim Johnson, a South Dakota Democrat, have had sons serve combat missions in Iraq, Time said.

Jul 29, 2006

David Letterman

Lays down a well deserved smack

via C&L

Jul 27, 2006

American Patriot - link -

link to This Modern World

Jul 26, 2006

What i learned today

Selected Cut-n-paste from Wikipedia

The first president to issue a signing statement was James Monroe.

Until Ronald Reagan became President, only 75 statements had been issued.

George H. W. Bush challenged 232 statutes through signing statements during four years in office and Clinton challenged 140 over eight years.

George W. Bush's 130 signing statements contain at least 750 challenges.
Shame on Clinton, eh?

This action really does limit the role of the supposedly co-equal judiciary, and all because he's the decider.

and if W advocates for this "unitary executive" role, how is it that so many Unitarians are so pissed off?

We do not elect kings here.

Jul 23, 2006

Ned Lamont, apparently, has chops - link-

I'm not a connecticut voter, but I do live in a state that touches connecticut, and I used to work there.

Staid Joe is emblematic of what is wrong with CT. A powerful elite which is un-interested in what "the people" actually need, and crabby about all the flak.

So, the piano solo. Not at all bad, great improv, definitely outshines his accompanyment. More talented than Clinton.

hat tip

Jul 20, 2006

Veto? --link--

did he also sign a veto statement? One declaring that HE (or those designated by the A.G., A.G. (no, not you AG)) MAY use federal monies to perform stem cell research?

I mean, why break with tradition?

Jul 19, 2006

Ask a ninja

Mmmmm. Apple Pie.

Have a friend in the music biz? -link-

Randomly found that page, not even sure how.

What I'd like to know is, how can this guy believe that music is the only business that works that way?

Granted, the screwed probably take it more personally in the music biz....

Jul 18, 2006

This has got to hurt - link-

Wow. I think S,N! should T.P. this guys house. Everything BUT the tagline.

Jul 17, 2006

Run up the mainsails, jib the mizzen!

This boat is headed for battle!

Jul 16, 2006

Hat tip, Eschaton -link-

My new idea for the day:

As a sort of compromise I'd propose the option for the under-21 crowd to choose between a drinking license and a driving license. You couldn't have both until you become 21. We could figure out if this was a one time choice irreversible choice or if switching were possible, and there are some other logistical issues, but it would seem to make sense
What a remarkably simple idea. Getting caught with one, loses you the privelidge of the other. Hey, free speech is a right, drinking may even be a right, but driving is a priveledge.

Jul 14, 2006

I guess I need a new tactic -link-

Darnit, he figured me out. And just after I managed to get all the bags full.

I guess I'd better try the doorbell instead.

Well, at least my yard is clean now.

(via Eschaton)

RMV Limbo (rock)

As i, er, speak, I am on hold with the wonderful registry of motor vehicles of the commonwealth.

My call is important to them, all of their representatives are busy with other customers....

but I love massachusetts. Every 20 seconds a voice comes on the line to reassure me that I'm not lost in electronic limbo... first a female voice, then a male voice.... and then this music.

I swear, they are trying to annoy me into giving up!

[update: SUCCESS!]

Jul 13, 2006

Very Well Said - Link -

Oh yeah

If you wanted to remind the world that 2+2=4, these days you might have to deal with the Arithmetic Study Society who insists that there's growing evidence among mathematicians that 2+2=5. We don't know for sure yet, they'll tell us, so until we've got all the facts, the brainless media will do their best to play the centrist role and think that saying 2+2=4½ is a responsible position. After all, they can't uphold their journalistic duty to avoid objectivity if they choose sides in political battles.

I am SO using this argument.

Jul 12, 2006

This is a very good question - link -

Terrible terrible question to ask, though. And criminal, on so many levels. Seriously, I think we just found a good candidate for abu ghiraib.

I noticed the linguistics of the situation varied from venue to venue, and it upset me greatly to hear the word 'woman', used even once.

If he is prosecuted through the military, let his sentence be facing the iraqi courts. And prisons.

Jul 8, 2006

Volkswagen objectively pro Darwin

Personally, I'm glad to see them re-launch the rabbit. Not saying i'll buy one, but the suckers were efficient. The new ad campaign is hillarious, and noticibly Mendelian. I could see the Punnett square in my head.

I want the patchwork rabbit.

{update: typo's}

Kittenevski -link-

"I tell you honestly, I just wanted to touch him like a kitten and that desire of mine ended in that act."

I tell you, honestly, Mr. Kraft gave me that ring.

Jul 6, 2006

I could'a been a contendah

Lieberman v. Lamont

7pm - CSPAN.

I'm making popcorn.

Jul 3, 2006

A first, workblogging

Just a note to say, what a screwed up weekend.

Anyhow, my car is in shop for the next several days, my cell phone is in my car, and the magic phone number list with my new bloggy friend phone numbers is folded up into cell-phone. Also, New DSL modem to arrive this week. Damnit! A perfect shitstorm.

And of course, me being a super genius, I don't know how to call into my cell-phone voice mail without physically holding the cell phone. Strangely *98 doesn't work from the house.

So, for my new bloggy friends who must think I blew them off ENTIRELY, I am so sorry. I'm just a dipshit. Commence the pie throwing.

Now, back to work. I have broken a major commandment by blogging from work... this ranks somewhere between surfing the Onion and actually bringing a TV to the office.

Homeblogging to resume midweek.