May 31, 2003

It makes a bit more sense now, just why this 'soft' target was chosen by bombers last week.

Terrorism experts say the compound where Secretary of State Colin Powell witnessed the carnage made a particularly appealing target. It was the home of about 300 employees and family members of the Vinnell Corp., a Virginia subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, which for 28 years has been providing training to the Saudi national guard.


He said the complex, referred to on the company's Web site as Camp Vinnell, sprawled over an area of about three city blocks. Apartment and office buildings rise above shade trees and lawns in a combination residential and business area.

You know... 'training'.... you know, Vinnell Corp., the company that had 5,000 employees in Vietnam in 1975, the very same year they started working for the Saudi's.

Do the words 'inviting disaster' strike a chord?

According to a March 1975 article in the Village Voice that quoted an anonymous Pentagon source, the company did everything from base construction to military operations. The source described Vinnell as "our own little mercenary army in Vietnam."

Hmmm, I suppose they must have changed operations when Northrop Grumman bought them, right? The people targeted were clearly non-military targets then, right.

After all, we can blow up a restaraunt to kill one man, what's so big about an apartment building crawling with mercenaries?

Oh, US expatriate mercenaries, well, that clearly changes everything.

Just remember the name Vinnell, You'll hear it again.


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