May 9, 2003

Submitted as Letter to the Editor, Boston Globe

The heart of the issue regarding the recent trip to the USS Lincoln by President Bush is not that our civilian president was transported 30 miles to the carrier to experience a tailhook landing and have an exuse to put on a flightsuit. The issue is that at the time of his landing the US public was informed that, due to logistics, the ship was too far offshore to use Marine Corps One, the presidents personal helicopter. As Ari Fleisher indicated yesterday in a press conference, the Lincoln was actually 30 miles offshore and that the tailhook landing was actually the presidents preference. I don't feel the need to request a refund for the difference, but why tell the American people, who paid for both this war and that fantastic photo-op, other than the full truth about the tailhook landing while it happened? why divert the truth? why bait and switch? why lie and retract? Give it to us straight, we can handle it.

I further wonder if the Bush campain, ahem, administration considered that the photo-op generated by his speech aboard the returning carrier could have been significantly more powerful if Bush had met the carrier in port, arriving as he chose, and addressed those on board and their families who sacrificed and suffered to make the mission possible? A large crowd was present to greet the ship. Oh, but then protesters might have shown up.

can't have protestors.


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