Jun 12, 2003

Letter to the editor, Boston Globe

Your story, Doubt cast on Kerry's 'PAC-free' claim" (June 11, page A2), is intriguing, but it is not at all clear from the headline that Senator Kerry is -in fact- as free from PAC funding as he claims.

Previously, I did not know just how free of the corrupting influence of PAC money Senator Kerry was, and I am now significantly more inclined to vote for him in the 2004 Democratic party presidential primary.

I urge voters to take this PAC money issue to heart. Consider the tens of millions of PAC dollars the Bush-Cheney campaign took for 2000, and the resulting insinuations that this money has corrupted the administrations contracting proceedures and spending policies.

I don't mind that Sen Kerry misspoke about his first speech in the US senate, when his first written Senate record is what he was referring to. It's not as though Sen. Kerry claimed to have invented integrity, the internet, or a distinguished service in the military. Oh, he DID serve with distinction in active military service.

I want to vote for a man with both words and actions of integrity. I want to vote for a man who will address both active military members AND their families, on-shore, to thank them ALL for their sacrifice. He can fly out in a jet if it seems like fun, but I want a president who does not hide from protesters.

Thank you for a great story, but please be more cautious with your editorializing by headlines.


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