Jan 12, 2006

Do you know where your towel is at? (link)

...Think "Where's Waldo?," only more cluttered and without a Waldo. It's like getting every pop-up ad you ever got in your life, at once. It's the Internet equivalent of suddenly feeling like you want to take a shower....

it was down when I tried it.


At 12.1.06, Blogger morisprice8054 said...

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At 12.1.06, Blogger pop renaissance said...

wow, what a nice offer. THANK YOU MORISPRICE8054!!!!!1!

At 14.1.06, Blogger mdhatter said...

my sentiments exactly.

in light of the post, it's barely off topic.

It's the price you and i pay for not having a l4m3 cobag password scheme.


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