Jul 26, 2006

What i learned today

Selected Cut-n-paste from Wikipedia

The first president to issue a signing statement was James Monroe.

Until Ronald Reagan became President, only 75 statements had been issued.

George H. W. Bush challenged 232 statutes through signing statements during four years in office and Clinton challenged 140 over eight years.

George W. Bush's 130 signing statements contain at least 750 challenges.
Shame on Clinton, eh?

This action really does limit the role of the supposedly co-equal judiciary, and all because he's the decider.

and if W advocates for this "unitary executive" role, how is it that so many Unitarians are so pissed off?

We do not elect kings here.


At 27.7.06, Blogger Lefty said...

Correct. The Supreme Court elects 'em.

At 27.7.06, Blogger mdhatter said...

ooh, good point.

They did themselves in.


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