Jan 11, 2007

Tucker Carlson is SO FAT

He makes Michael Moore, who is also fat, look like the sort of righteous ass who actually recognizes where the line is at.


At 11.1.07, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

Name calling with weight jokes is so 1980.

Tuckbag is a sad, sad soul. Nothing more, nothing less...

At 11.1.07, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Tuckface is sooooo Orange, he is a mandarin among pundits.

At 11.1.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

It's wht ic all him 'clementine" - he's just a little orange

Tucker isn't fat, he is 'so fat he' has to be compared to Michael Moore.

At 11.1.07, Blogger pop renaissance said...

tuck a l'orange.

At 11.1.07, Blogger Mendacious D said...

Teh, that's brilliant.

Tucker is so orange, he doesn't rhyme with "fucker" anymore.

Tucker is so orange, he can only see his own navel.

Also, Tucker is so orange and fat, his mother thought she'd given birth to a basketball.

At 11.1.07, Blogger pop renaissance said...

tucker is so orange tang thought of suing.

At 11.1.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

tucker is so orange, that when he goes supernova, he'll turn into a blue dwarf.

At 12.1.07, Blogger Chuckles said...

Tucker is so orange, oh shit, I just got the "fucker doesn't rhyme with him anymore".

At 12.1.07, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh no, no, no!

Pop Star is NOT posting over here and not RoD.

No sir.

Pop, you bee-otch! No blow for you!!!!!!!!!!


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