May 13, 2003

lifted, word for word, from:

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Term Paper Enhancements

The British government was forced to admit that large sections of their "up-to-date" report on IraqÕs deception had been lifted word for word from an article by a postgraduate student in California named Ibrahim al Mirashi. The plagiarism was so blatant that even spelling and punctuation errors from the original articles had been repeated. However, our English colony deserves praise for a number of key improvements upon Mr. MarashiÕs prose. Where the student described the Iraqi intelligence agency as "monitoring foreign embassies in Iraq," the British upgraded that to "spying on foreign embassies in Iraq." Much better. And where Marashi referred to Iraq "aiding opposition groups in hostile regimes," British Intelligence improved this to "supporting terrorist organizations in hostile regimes." Same evidence, just more "up-to-date" conclusions, which is undoubtedly why Colin Powell relied on it in his U.N. speech.

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this looks like it needs some looking into. It sounds possible, but i don't want to believe it.


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