May 31, 2003

ok, i'll bite

“I guess they didn’t like the fact that my shirt was made in Pakistan,” explained the source. “They wanted us to wear shirts that were made in the United States.”

Really. I'm certain, my eyes are getting blurry.... further.

“It just made me sick,” said the source, referring to whatever it was he was talking about. “You can’t believe anything these days anymore.

I believe this to be an exercise in phenomenology. The ability of something to be carried into the future for no real reason whatsoever. Try searching for "Andre the Giant has a Posse". Really.

blogs are cool and neat, but it's good to know that farce is spottable. Sadly i followed the link to this article from another noted blog (with many many more readers)

I hope this doesn't ever actaully cause someone concern, it scares me that this is just a believable on first read as anything Joe Scarborough says, to those who hunger to believe

If an Iraqi lawyer can get asylum and a book deal for helping rescue one of our soldiers, the 'anonymous source' could certainly get his 15-minutes by coming forward and sacrificing his job. But he clearly states he thinks bush is doing a good job.... 'nuff said about ~his~ credibility


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