May 20, 2003

Took a few days off,

Fortunately for everyone who can still think for themselves, Ari Fleisher resigned while I was away.
"Asked Tuesday to cite his biggest mistake, Fleischer said there have been a few, but said he would leave it to the media to tell them."

"You know, it's a hard job. The press is great at trying to lure you out on to a platform that they can saw off underneath you," he said. "Being the briefer is kind of like playing intellectual chess ... That's part of the attraction of the job too, though."

Intellectual chess, remeber, always keep your eye on what they're NOT talking about. When the knight is just sort of sitting there for you to capture, look carefully. It's usually a ploy. Which is to say that this mans job was to talk about the secondary issues and obfuscate the truly important questions that good reporters asked him.

Maybe I should start picking on John Ashcroft more... that'd be great if he'd quit.

Then Rumsfeld, and by then, we get to vote again


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