May 16, 2003

Reverse security and freedom (switch them) in these sentences coming from Ari Fleischer and his comments sound so much more American. And like someone i could vote for.

Maybe I could make it a Drinking Game? How many times does he say security in a single press conference? (this isn't all of them) Any Suggestions?

MR. FLEISCHER: Terry, the President's focus is on bringing security to
the people of Iraq. And that's an area of marked progress in much of
Iraq. There are still pockets inside Iraq, inside Baghdad, for
example, where there is more room for more progress. And the President
leaves it up to the, still, commanders in the field to determine the
exact tactics to employ to preserve security. And that way the Iraqi
people know they can go about living their lives with as great a
resumption of freedom as is possible. And this continues to increase
on a day- by-day basis.

MR. FLEISCHER: Well, the President believes that it's best to leave
these matters up to the people on the ground who are in the
life-and-death situations where they know what level of force must be
used to protect the security of people there.

Q: Is the President troubled at all that members of his own political party, at a time of war, days after Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia, would have the gall to use federal resources designed to protect the country against terrorists in order to pursue partisan political objectives?

MR. FLEISCHER: Well, again, I think that the facts and the circumstances involving any contacts that took place will be explored by the appropriate agency, in which this case is the Department of Homeland Security. They are doing that.

MR. FLEISCHER: You remember in the State of the Union, the President stated that he had two top priorities, and they are economic security and national security. And in the principal actions the President takes that's exactly what you're seeing.


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