May 15, 2003

Testimony of Testimony of John C. Varrone, Assistant Commissioner - Office of Investigations United States Customs Service

"The Air and Marine Interdiction Coordination Center (AMICC). AMICC, located in Riverside, California, provides command, control, communications and intelligence for counter-narcotics and designated homeland defense operations. It utilizes a wide variety of civilian and military radar sites, aerostats, airborne reconnaissance aircraft and other detection assets to provide 24-hour, seamless radar surveillance along the entire southern tier of the U.S., Puerto Rico and into the Caribbean. "

"designated homeland defense operations".... did I mention that under the USA PATRIOT ACT being designated as person of interest means you can be stripped of all normal arrest rights and held indefinitely without access to a lawyer/ And that the proposed "PATRIOT ACT II", by which your citizenship (even native born) can be stripped from you if someone accuses you of terrorist activity, no trial, no lawyer, no phone call, Just an arrest and deportation to points unspecified.

Who does this designation?

Tom DeLay? (gahd, i love his name) (what's the opposite of progress??)

John Ashcrost? (Lost an election to the senate to a DEAD man)

Rep. Craddick of the Texas House? ("we will not negotiate")

Has Mr McCarthy really left the building??


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