May 13, 2003

I don;t even think i need to comment on this one any further...

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The defiant Democrats in Oklahoma said they would stay away until Republicans agreed to drop the redistricting plan.

"It's totally up to Craddick, and he has been so advised," one of the Democrats told The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. "If he'll get redistricting off the calendar, we'll be right there bright and early."

Craddick said he was not interested in negotiating.

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Republicans constructed signs and gimmicks ridiculing their colleagues. They plastered the Democrats' faces on milk cartons, and state Republican chair Susan Weddington, borrowing from the "most wanted Iraqi" cards, announced she had playing cards featuring the missing legislators.

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"They're legislative terrorists and their leaving today is a weapon of mass obstruction, blocking hundreds of pieces of legislation," Republican Rep. Dan Branch said Monday.

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Let's Nuke 'em!


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