Jun 20, 2003


The study looked at the combination of human behavior and environmental pollution. It concluded that a person eating an 8-ounce filet from a fish caught in Woods Pond once a week for 60 years would have a 1-in-33 chance of contracting cancer.


GE has pointed to an assumption by the EPA that somebody might fish in the same spot of the river for two days a week, seven months a year for 60 years. GE asserts such behavior is highly unlikely.


Ok, but....
a) fish move around too, so it's just rather unlikely

b) when's the last time 8oz of fish was all you ate after a day's fishing, so it's just kinda unlikely

c) fisherman, and people who work in the mills there often have bad livers (drinking/occupational exposure) so it's just plain-old unlikely

d) PCB's aren't the only thing that people are exposed to that cause cancer either, and some people are extra sensitive. If someone could actually get cancer from JUST eating the fish, how about the additional exposure from leaky waders? from sitting on the shoreline? from bringing your 8-year old son with you to the river and letting him play there?

seem's almost likely now.

don't even try to dodge, you gotta own up and clean it up.


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