Jun 13, 2003

SYDNEY, Australia, June 12, 2003 (ENS) - A Newspoll commissioned by Greenpeace shows that a majority of Australians surveyed would be willing to pay $3.50 more on their monthly energy bills if it meant that 10 percent of Australia’s electricity would come from new renewable sources by 2010.

Well duh, it's a matter of actually having that extra 3.50 go toward the infrastructure.

Aussies and americans are somewhat comparable, apples to apples more or less, and i can say that most Americans would drive hybrids...... assuming they could find them, they were easy to operate, exploded even less often than current cars, and the car made them feel safe. Americans are pretty damned insecure.

I hope Volvo makes one. Ford owns them and could make it work with their hybrid engines. The Volvo image could sell it.

Check out mercedes R&D. They have a volkswagon eurovan run by a fuel cell,
"Its top speed is approximately 120 km/h.". That's 75 mph, and in a big bulky eurovan which is really only safe to 100 mph because it's so bulky and boxy. But it replaced a diesel engine and did well, under all conditions. "The vehicle's driver, who has only received the special training needed to handle the hydrogen-related systems, are impressed by how easy it is to use: "... just like a normal diesel...", its manoeuvrability, its quietness and its range of a good 150 kilometres.

Yes, from their PR website, but promising to hear.. from daimler chysler.

it's a step anyhow, and I'd love a hydrogen powered pickup, electric drive has great torque.


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