Jun 20, 2003

Honored members of The House Committee on Energy and Commerce

I urge your committee to take up the issue of the recent changes to FCC market ownership regulations. I urge you not to allow loosening of ownership restrictions at this time. This regulated media has existed for only 50 years, and is a potent force for informing and/or leading the american public has yet to fully develop. During this still emerging time of media development, discretion is the better part of valor.

Freedom of the press, in my America, is not a direct result of owning all of the presses.

The very idea that a handful of people can decide what I do and do not hear about (as in any songs by Rage Against the Machine as banned by Clear Channel for months after 9/11) and learn about through our free press, reeks of a tyranny of the majority.

Changing the rules to allow greater domination, and especially cross media domination, of media in ANY market is abhorrent and, in my opinion, un-American. I say un-American because I have always trusted my government to protect all sides, while not promoting any one side, and in this case, the new FCC regulations distinctively favor Goliath.

Signed, David

Now you go tell them


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