Jun 11, 2003


Ok, not the same one, but it makes me wonder about how far from the tree the apple does fall

Rehnquist undermined the independence of the office, showed poor judgment and created "an atmosphere of anxiety and distrust," Congressional investigators say in a new report to be issued this month.
Rehnquist appeared to be "unduly influenced" by the officials who run those programs.
Rehnquist apparently bypassed Civil Service procedures in selecting an individual for a top Civil Service position, in possible violation of federal law.
Rehnquist said, "The whole gun incident was a tempest in a teapot."
Rehnquist combined official business with personal activities. "Large blocks of time could not always be accounted for," it said. For example, on an eight-day trip to San Francisco and Phoenix, the only official activities that could be documented were two half-hour speeches.
the accounting office found that the amount of money recovered from people accused of filing false claims declined by 47 percent, to $518.7 million in 2002 from $974 million in 2000, even though federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid rose 20 percent in those years.

what is the sound of one back being scratched?


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