Jun 3, 2003

Retired Air Vice-Marshal Peter Nicholson said it showed a much higher proportion of precision-guided munitions were fired at the beginning of the campaign but, as the war progressed, fewer advanced weapons were used.

He criticised the number of Tomahawk missiles, each costing more than $1.5 million, used by the US. "They fired far too many Tomahawks just because it kept the US Navy in play," he said. "They could have done the same thing with bombs from aircraft at a twentieth of the cost."

Is that the same US Navy that hosted him on the USS Lincoln? The Australian air marshall quoted must have forgotten that our airplanes now, each and individually, cost a little more than the entire annual budgets of some states and would make a pretty decent dent toward health coverage and spending a bit more money on education while we're at it.

But soon the baby boomers will retire and universal coverage will just occur. They're such softies.


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