Sep 28, 2005

Allright! Ayyyyyyy! (link)

3 years

move on


At 29.9.05, Blogger Lefty said...

I can never shake the feeling that Lynndie England is just a poor imbecile pawn. Back during her last mistrial, it almost seemed like there was a glimmer of hope the truth would come through, but alas.

I wonder if the soldiers can trade photos of jawless Iraqis for the topless photos of her that are supposed to exit...

At 29.9.05, Blogger Gregor Samsa said...

Appearance wise she reminds me of a friend. So every time I see pictures of her (without the naked Iraqis of course) I feel sort of sorry for her.

I also agree that she is a pawn in something larger. It was interesting to me that the retrial resulted from the original court saying that they did not believe that Lynndie England believed in or understood her own guilty plea. I'm not sure if that was addressed in any substantive manner in the trial but at least I give the court credit for acknowledging what was obvious to everyone except the wingers and the MSM.

At 29.9.05, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Somebody called her a "David Lynchian take on Gomer Pyle." I thought that was hilarious.

At 29.9.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

and as a pawn, a willing pawn, she gets 3 years.

those were topless pic's of Jessica Lynch that Flynt claimed to have, seems likely. There are definitely topless lynndie pics.

At 29.9.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

3 years for the smile.


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