Sep 18, 2005

This American Life (link)

So there I was, driving to my sisters, listening to Ira Glass.

He was doing a show about the hurricaine.

and he was pulling no punches.


After an overiew of the relvant codes, National Response Plan, etc...:

"and they didn't need to wait for the state?"

"They did not need to wait for the state"

I.G. "Remember you heard that here, (pause) just rememer you heard that at all"

Listen to this link, at least the first 2 minutes.

as I was listening on my Boston NPR, abruptly, 24 minutes in- dead air. A minute, maybe just 40 seconds.

then, last weeks show.

Anyone got a black helicopter I can borrow?

the whole show:

1 person who was at the concention center,
a person on the bridge to Gretna,

and a teenager who went without water, and what that was like.

Overall, still this american life. hope it's on next week.


At 18.9.05, Blogger Gregor Samsa said...

One of my favorite programs ever. I'm sorry that I missed the two Katrina episodes. I'll wait until they post them on the web and then I'll give 'em a listen.

My favorite episode was the one about being secretly Canadian. Canadians are so funny....looking!!!

At 19.9.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

I love the way the top of their head flops around when they talk.

that and Kraft Dinner.

At 7.11.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the next hurricane katrina pet ; the easy way to keep going.


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