Oct 30, 2005

Aged Coffee - Celebes Kalossie Estate, 5yr.

According to the Dunkin'Donuts site:

Traditionally, coffee held in warehouses for several years, sometimes deliberately, sometimes inadvertently. Such aging reduces acidity and increases body.

Well, this stuff is NOT from DD.


Although it is still widely debated, certain types of green coffee are believed to improve with age; especially those that are valued for their low acidity, such as coffees from Indonesia or India. Several of these coffee producers sell coffee beans that have been aged for as long as 3 years, with some as long as 8 years.

However, most coffee experts agree that a green coffee peaks in flavor and freshness within one year of harvest.

This is honestly, one of the BEST cups i have ever had. Today is the day i am glad I befireded a new roaster. So SO good that I want to hide the beans in the freezer so I can always have one on other crappy, snow covered, disorienting mornings.

yes, the flavor is different, and the acid is reduced.

But I have never before had coffee calm me down, while turning me up, and I'm a unitarian, so that says something.

this cup was just in time to save my daylight today.


At 11.11.05, Blogger fulsome said...

no link?

At 11.11.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

Alas, my roaster has no website....

Hmmm, maybe I should fix that.


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