Oct 24, 2005

The mark of fiction (link)

This is odd (ahem-cist) enough

Mexicans and stranded tourists, hungry and frustrated after a two-day beating by Hurricane Wilma, stood in line to buy supplies Sunday or simply raided grocery or furniture stores, dragging goods from shops ripped open by the storm.
As with Katrina coverage, the looters and the white people, i mean tourists, are different peoples. The photo caption says it well.

But this next part is suspect. Jayson Blair style impossible, the kind of BS that makes you want to undo the 30 seconds you spent at ABC news.
Others waited in long lines at the few stores that were open. Some American tourists without local currency offered $100 bills for $5 calling cards.
Wha? Maybe 'the hundred dollar bill waving american' needs to pop a lock, or perhaps he is a neurotic collector, because I'm confident the phones aren't working.


At 24.10.05, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

But see how noble we (white) Americans are in the face of disaster? And how sure we are that fatter wallets will always get us to the front of the line?

At 25.10.05, Blogger Lefty said...

Don't they have collect calls in Mexico?

At 27.10.05, Blogger pop renaissance said...

i like how it said "some american tourists", in order to save confusion. cos we all know us mexicans don't have $100 bills. maybe a bill FOR $100 (which i ain't payin' - find me, fuckers), but not $100 bills.


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