Oct 19, 2005


As a country, we have let out rope for 4 years and 37 days.

I believe they have fashioned it into a noose, and placed it around their own neck.

it is time to pull. all of us. at once.

(a blowjob never got anyone killed, nevermind 2,000 kids)

We deserve a better president.

And we deserve not to be lied to.


At 21.10.05, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

"America Deserves Better" could have been the tag for every anti-Bush commercial run during the last campaign season. And exploited properly and viciously, could have won us the election even if we had run Carol Mosley Braun.

At 21.10.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

Hey, we have never been so well represented in Micronesia and Palau as we were in the Clinton years.

jesus, she could have run FEMA better than any of these clown, despite her background.

She is a cool lady, and i'd love her to be VP.

At 21.10.05, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Oh, I agree, but there's the "electability" issue [/dlcwhore]

At 21.10.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

America elected Jimmy Carter, remember that.


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