Dec 3, 2005

Last FM Redux (and fu blogger)

Pinko, I am going to kick someone at bloggers ass.

SURE they creat backups of posts in progress... that you've spent like 20 minutes on, seeding a music profiling machine, just so. and rightinthe middle of Emerson Lake and Palemer and the f'ing -wheeeeeeeee, snooner snoooooooner, dulaulalu dulalulalu dulalulalu, whaa whaa whaa whawawawasnosssswassss, bum bum bum, blogger f'ing crashes and I lose the whole post.

it seriously gave me Karn Evil 9: 3rd Impression off of Brain Salad Surgery.

They smoked a lot of weed those three. clearly. 4/10, no, last 30 seconds comletely ruined it, 2/10. BANNED FOREVER

So, I gave it:

jack johnson, the pixies, the dresden dolls, they might be giants, jethro tull, future sound of london

it gave also (aide from EL&P) gave me:

White Stripes - Can't come back 5/10, I like the stripes, not their best.

Radiohead- The Gloaming.
Hail to the theif is the ONLY radiohead CD, single, foriegn or domestic release that I don't have. They, as a band, well, they had me at 'you're a weirdo' in what? '93? 6.5/10, they're not all Pink Floyd quality.

Pixies - the happening
'They've got a ranch they call, number 51!' I love it when the pixies sing about aliens, I love it when Frank blck sings about aliens 8/10. Bossanova is underrated,

Ben Harper- the three of us
I was the best man at a wedding where the couple waled up the aisle to another song from this album. They are hippes and their chldren have hippie names. I love them, but they are hippies and I am not. That said, Ben harper has licks, and I would pay good money to see him live again, this time without the brownies, and somewhere smaller than the Eureca civic center. 8/10

Jethro Tull - Songs from the wood
i need a flagon of ale and a busty wench, henceforth my good fellow. Yes, bring be love from the fields! funk out that bassline my man! I also own about 20 Jethro Tull albums. They were my high scool obcession. This song is cool becuase it is the same song twice, once acoustic, once electric, more so in concert. 7/10

The beatles - Savoy truffle
Syncronicity, I am eating Kahlua truffle, half the size of my fist. I have choloate all over mt keyboard. I love the cholate emporium, and the pictures of the damned bake-off made me visit yesterday. 7/10, I think clapton is playing guitar on this one, anyone know?

Cake - Comanche
Well, I have the other two cake albums for a reason. they were stronger than Motorcade of generosity. 4/10.

SonicYouth - My friend Goo
You tell me who sounded like SY befor SY. Go ahead. 8.5/10. Hey goo, what's new?

Barenaked ladies - the old apartment
I heard this playing over the speakers at Walgreens a awhile back. Made me feel old, This song is better when drunk with old housmates. with some old housemates with different taste, it is a damed drunken ballad. Ive done a lot of drinking with a lot of housemates folks, everybody sings. 5/10. personally I've never broken ionto my old apartment inthe middle of the night. banned.

Dave matthes band - BANNED,. STFU Dave!

Interpol - NYC
eh. evokes little, reminds me of tha band interpol. 4/10

the Dreden Dolls - Chrisrtopher Lydon
Honestly. As a live and liveblog this. what are the chances?

okay, so far so good. sorta creepy a coulple times. total misses other times.

next up?

Yes - bring me to the power
I am really beginning to regret seeding this with Jethro Tull. 3/20. ban.

The Orb - Banger 'n Chips.
Isn't that like potato and potahtoe? slow, atmospheric, 4/10. not banned.

Rasputina - Hunters Kiss
whoa! eeeeeeee. shiver. i.... i.... I love this gypsy sound. hy heart, my mind, the flutter of her dress, the intoxicating strings, too bad it's transforms into gerade B hiphop. 6/10.

gnite all


At 4.12.05, Blogger Pinko Punko said...


The only comment we ever got fro Twisty Faster at Three Bulls! was over "Minstrel in the Gallery" in a Friday Random 10. I never would have pegged you for JT. Nice.

I am obsessed with Last-FM, instead of singles from a bunch of bands you don't know they play a lot of album tracks from bands you know, which is nice. I can't see how it is legal. But I am totally doing it for FRT in the future. Because you actually have a chance of knowing the bands.

At 4.12.05, Blogger pop renaissance said...

banger & chips is a meal of sausage and potatoes.

At 4.12.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

ahhhh, for some reason I thought bangers were also potatoes. I guerss when you boil all your food together it can be hard to tell apart. ;)

At 4.12.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

and yeah, as much as I like WOXY, this IS a bit better.


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