Dec 10, 2005

A shiny new blogroll

And now, outside to deal with that fierce snowstorm that hit here yesterday.

it was pretty awesome.

a blizzard with thunderstorms for 2 hours, then, nothing.


At 11.12.05, Blogger Lefty said...

After staying home from work waiting for the snow to end, and then shoveling my way to my garage, then converting my tractor to snowthrower mode -- which went super fast this year because the John Deere guy showed me where the drive train release was (which is labeled "Pull here to move tractor manually", duh) -- and clearing all the snow from my driveway, I moved my car to clear the snow from in front of it and discovered that my non-AWD Jetta has absolutely no traction on ice with its sporty tires. I guess I'm buying some new tires this week.

At 11.12.05, Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

Goddammit! That was horrible. I was stuck on I-95 right where the tractor trailer got caught. I left at 2:15 and did not arrive into the city until 7:00 PM. I missed UC's company holiday party and finding a spot in front of my house was hellish.

It's NOT too early to hate snow.

Thank goodness that both of my SUVs are 4x4, including the automatic.


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