Aug 31, 2006

Edited CNN story, to save you 30 seconds -link-

CNN has confirmed that Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has placed a hold on a bill that would require the government to publish online a database of federal spending.


The bill was introduced earlier this year by Sens. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, and Coburn, R-Oklahoma.

"Sen. Stevens has a series of concerns and questions about the bill. He wants a cost benefit analysis to make sure it doesn't create an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy and not meet its purpose," Saunders said.

"His specific concerns were addressed at the hearings he skipped, and his office has yet to meet with us to discuss his concerns despite repeated requests."

Last year a proposed $223 million for a "bridge to nowhere" connecting Alaska's Gravina Island -- population 50 -- to the mainland caused a nationwide furor.

snip, and payoff
When Coburn tried to block funds for the bridge, he was heavily denounced by Stevens on the Senate floor.
I mean, yeah, it's a total DICK move, and is also on the surface retribution for killing his pork project, but we shouldn't change a thing about it. I like that rule a lot. Fascism moves quickly. Democracy is supposed to move very very slowly.

This kind of BS is actually exactly what makes America so great.


At 31.8.06, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Agree completely.

Still, that man belongs with the Repubs: he sure as hell knows how to hold a grudge.

At 31.8.06, Blogger pop renaissance said...

but was it a PRETTY bridge? no one EVER asks the important questions.

hell, there may have been good hunting on that island! fucking terrorist lovers.

At 1.9.06, Blogger mdhatter said...

actually, yes, it was a pretty bridge.

It probably would have been a tourist destination it was such a nice brige...

and I would have visited it, becasue, and solely because, it would have gone exactly nowhere.

call it existential tourism

At 7.9.06, Anonymous Res Publica said...

He must have the biggest pair of balls in the entire universe.


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