Aug 30, 2006

Shhhhh, Nobody tell Rumsfeld...

Soldiers to be equipped with such blasters in future

I read it on the internet, it must be Pravda, er, true.

[Update: Marvin Martian released from Guantanamo Bay]


At 30.8.06, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Ah, for the days when Pravda was just a propaganda arm for the Soviet state -- at least then it tended to be more accurate.

At 30.8.06, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

Rumsfeld better not hear ya talking about it. You know, he's Dum Dum's new bodyguard.

At 30.8.06, Blogger Sally said...

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At 30.8.06, Blogger Chuckles said...

Thanks for that link, jerk.

Can I have teh last half hour of my life back?

At 30.8.06, Blogger pop renaissance said...

holy shit! sally, can you email me about that valium?!?!

oh, btw this story is true. they've been developing these weapons in secret at the behest of bush. he's convinced that if we had some buck rogers-type weapons these insurgents will be taken care of once and for all. plus he likes to hold it and look at himself in the mirror all tough-like.


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