Aug 5, 2006

Why I have not given up on DailyKos -link-

A needle in a haystack

DS: How did you drift from Republicanism to Progressivism?

Cammie: I grew up surrounded by right-wing views that essentially communicated the following: wealthy people and successful business people achieve because of their innate superiority, and they should be in charge because everyone else needs control and supervision. When I went out on my own, and had to make it on my own, and as I moved up in my defense industry career, I realized that the "real world" was not what I had been taught. The corporate world was full of corruption and incompetence. The defense industry was as much about cushy careers as it was national security. It was really a shock and I didn't want to believe it at first. It took a long time to shift my brain into "left gear" and I'm still moving in that direction as I have more human experiences and exposure to more diversity in the "real world."



At 9.8.06, Blogger Lefty said...

As someone who has not had a generalized radical departure in political philosophy in my life, I have a hard time understanding people who either "see the light", or become scared of their own shadows like Dennis Miller. I guess I'm less of a commie than I used to be, but I still in my heart feel that the idealized version of Communism would be a utopia, even if people suck too much to make it happen. At least this Kossack moved in the right (or left, as it were) direction.


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