Jan 18, 2007

Space Ghost - coast to coast to coast -

Good news!

Using a ground-based medium-range ballistic missile, the test knocked out an aging Chinese weather satellite about 537 miles above the earth on January 11 through "kinetic impact," or by slamming into it, Johndroe said.

oh wait, Good News!

On the day of the test, a U.S. defense official said the United States was unable to communicate with an experimental spy satellite launched last year by the Pentagon's National Reconnaissance Office. But there was no immediate indication that this was a result of the Chinese test.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Caceres said he expected the test to strengthen the Pentagon's hand in seeking funds from Congress to press a host of costly military space programs, almost all of which are over budget and behind schedule.

"They are going to use this for as much as they can," he said, referring to Pentagon officials. Major corporate beneficiaries could be Lockheed Martin Corp., Boeing Co. and Northrop Grumman Corp., which build U.S. communications, surveillance and early-warning satellites, Caceres added.

Why is our national policy, and spending, dictated by other nations? based on what 'they' try to get away with under out noses.

How many average semesters of college in the US will this new "anti-anti satellite" program cost? How many future Chinese leaders could spend some time here (and vice versa) for the price of just this one Lockheed Martin handout?

Why are we still led around by our fears, and not by our hopes?

"Never forgetting" does not mean forever being guided to 'safety' by our nervous perspirations, and away from our best intentions and enlightened inspirations.

if 9/11 'changed everything', why didn't it change this too?


At 19.1.07, Blogger pop renaissance said...

oh dear god - i did a gig with king missile in the mid 90s.


At 19.1.07, Anonymous Christopher said...

Mdhatter - I remember your dad telling me how easy it was to knock a satellite out of the sky with a missile launched off the top of a jumbo jet.

At 19.1.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

I saw King Missile about 15 times before THAT song, and twice afterwards. That tells you everything you probably need to know about me.

I'm psyched you opened for them.. their shows were fun (back in the day)

I glad to have bought John S. Hall a couple drinks (not ONE of which he needed at the time)

At 19.1.07, Blogger fulsome said...

9/11 did change everything -- now we don't have the time or money to actually do anything about this.

China gets a free point.

At 21.1.07, Blogger Lefty said...

I only liked King Missile with the first (crappy) band. Not when I saw them in Northampton. Sort of like how I only liked They Might Be Giants with John, John and the drum machine, and not after they got a band.

At 29.1.07, Blogger Chuckles said...

mdhatter, you got that totally wrong. King Missile opened for Hope Chest. Just clearing that up.

At 31.1.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

thank god for that. KM were so untalented, but soooo funny.


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