Feb 9, 2007

Early Friday AM

Feeling much better, thanks for the concern. Seems it's going around.

I watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle last night for the first time. The sicky delerium made the extracurricular activities quite unnecessary.


At 9.2.07, Blogger Chuckles said...

There is a sequel coming that has basically everyone except George Lucas in it.

At 9.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

Let me guess. They go to Amsterdam.

At 9.2.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're still a sick, stupid bastard for posting a worthless "First" comment on Atrios' thread about a guy who witnessed torture in Iraq.


At 9.2.07, Blogger fulsome said...

Can these things travel through the blogosphere yet? Because then I will be worried?

At 9.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

yes I am

but I'm not an anonymous schmuck.

At 9.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

AND, you're the first person ever - ever - to come to my blog to bag on me in my comments section.

so i have a hard time feelin' real badly about it.

As with most at eschaton, when i post it is almost only because I see a (0) nest to the "comments" and it's for old times sake - when eschaton would take an hour to get 10 comments.

so get off my lawn!

At 9.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

and! that was a post on adminitration pro-torture policy - not the torturing of anyone specifically

i'll be damned if i'm quiet (or loud in a way acceptable to you) about any of it.


At 9.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...


he was a torturer too, and a 'witness' after the fact.

so FUCK HIM - and by extention - his defenders and apologists.


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