Feb 1, 2007

My New Heroes

Mooninites free on bail, and are appropriately concerned with hair. -link to video-


Play these games

(h/t Atrios for the first link)


At 2.2.07, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

I hope Ted Turner posts their bail. And that the mayor of Boston is next on the block.

At 2.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

You'd need an awful big magnet and an awful strong harness to attach him to a light post.

At 2.2.07, Blogger fulsome said...

And may god bless america!

At 2.2.07, Blogger fulsome said...

Also, you were way on top of this story. You may have won this round but I guess I better add a google alert for this story so I can maintain my ATHF dominance

At 3.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

Your feeble earth efforts are both very feeble and very useless. kneel before your digital ruler.

At 3.2.07, Blogger pop renaissance said...

that game is so fucking addicting.


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