Jan 20, 2007

fsm haiku contest -link-

appendages wheat,
durum semolina sweet,
Pirates, heat, rAmen.


At 21.1.07, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

It looks like Fish.
AG wants to bone Fish.
AG likes no bones in her Fish.
Fish is AG's.

AG wins!!

At 22.1.07, Blogger Lefty said...

My conceptions dashed
Here I had been thinking it was "ay-gee" not "agg".

At 23.1.07, Blogger Lefty said...

At least that assumes
That the rhythm used above
Has haiku meter

At 23.1.07, Blogger Lefty said...

Oh and by the way,
Though I see it on the linked site, what's with the fish?

At 23.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 23.1.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

it's just this fish, you know?

as for the pronunciation, ask during the superbowl.

At 23.1.07, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh lefty!!!

UC is so pissed about the game. We're not sure what time we're coming. He has orchestra practiced at 6:30 that night. They are trying to get it changed.

At 23.1.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

It's a shame lefty is such a lurker. he's a funny funny man.

At 23.1.07, Blogger Smartypants said...

I just can't do haiku today.

At 26.1.07, Blogger fish said...

believe in meatballs
surrounded by spaghetti
no better option

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