May 20, 2003

Seriously though, If Iraq had transferred all of it's arms to Syria and that's why we can't find them, Wouldn't you think that they would have pictures of the weapons, ya know, moving across the border?

And where the heck is Syria going to hide all this stuff that we won't see it, or have seen in being moved, at all? We have been looking for weapons, labs, research facilities, and "industrial" facilities for more than a decade, right? We've also maintained air superiority over most of the country for 12 years, had hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground since April, and collected literally ~billions~ of surveillance photo's of the region from radar invisible aircraft and satellites, many pictures with resolution sufficient to tell if a dime is heads or tails from miles and miles away. Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads,...

I say get the UN Weapons Inspectors back in there, Give them a lot of Military Police (from NATO nations, probably) as escorts, complete the mandate of the sanctions, and thus lift them, by insuring that that the country is indeed free of WMD.

Find out Why. I'm actually pretty certain we are trying, and that a lot of effort is being used to find a lot of this stuff, but it makes me nervous when i hear we are also not guarding some it properly despite the fact that we clearly knew generally what sort of materials was at least rougly where. I undestand not quarding the museums quite as well as we could have, but was there any real pkan for what to do once they gave up? or were we actually trying to start a REAL war?



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