Nov 10, 2003

This is part of a continuing effort to outclass people like these

afraid of work?

why do you hate america so much.

really, liberals are afraid of work?

You have got to be kidding me.

Next I'll here that conservatives worship money above all else.

stop being so simple, get some context.

Taxes are the price you pay to live in a civilized society. If you achieve much succes, you owe it to your efforts AND the society which allowed you to achieve it (educated employees, roads for trucks to drive your products around on, etc...)

Is it so hard to understand that "providing for the common welfare" has consistently paid off dividends of success even to those who complain about THEIR SHARE OF THE BURDEN.

get over yourself, please. Join scoiety and support your fellow Americans, even us liberals.

without them, you'd be alone and in the stone age, or at the very least you'd still be working saturdays.

How are we supposed to build 'Family values" when half the families in this nation give up? Not because they're lazy, but because they can't keep up with having to have two jobs just to pay for the health insurance of their children? What time does that leave to build, establish, and maintain these values i keep hearing about.

Is it really lazy to not work because you have to raise your own children alone because your husbands pride was so wounded in not being able to provide for you that he left you? Have you even not been able to meet your commitments? I bet the answer is yes. Did you look to the example of others? your father, who I assume you knew and grew up with, or some father figure? How many hours a week did he work? Hard worker wasn't he?

Don;lt you think stronger families would be facilitated, perhaps in the name of 'the public welfare', if some of the burdens were lifted from the average and the economically lesser families and individuals, and shifted to those 'to whom much has been given"?

just pay your share, and stop whining about it, other wise you're a userer... and we all know what that means.



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