Dec 13, 2005

Merry Christmas, War is Over??

I have to put this in the "war must almost be over" category. Emphasis added .

Bain, a Boston-based buyout firm, is teaming up with Carlyle Group and Thomas H. Lee Partners LP to acquire Dunkin' Brands Inc., the companies said today in a statement. Pernod had expected to get about $2 billion for the Canton, Massachusetts- based unit, which also runs the Baskin-Robbins and Togo's chains.

``This business is a cash machine,'' said Laetitia Delaye, analyst at Kepler Equities in Paris, who has a ``buy'' rating on Pernod. ``There's a good growth level and very high margins.''

I wonder what the margin is on..... well, read this

This makes me very unhappy.

Krispy Kreme, land of the one good donut.

This is your moment.


At 14.12.05, Blogger Smartypants said...

Krispy Kreme always did make a better donut.

At 14.12.05, Blogger Gregor Samsa said...

Yes, I see see the synergy between donuts and missles it makes perfect sense! My suggestion buy up Victoria's Secret next.

At 14.12.05, Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

That is old skool Dunkin signage. Blow jobs to you for that. I abhor that new Starbucks mind fuck symbol.

I refuse to eat KK. I am a Massachusetts girl which means I am a Drunkin' Honuts girl. I have never put KK to my lips, nor will I start now. Though, KK is welcome to operate anywhere by in the other lower 48.

Go Red Sox Nation!

At 14.12.05, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

We will always have Winchell's, my dear Mad Hatter.

At 14.12.05, Blogger pop renaissance said...

winchell's...there was a winchell's by my house growing up. i saw the cook one day smoking over a vat of chocolate he was stirring. my mom was about to comment when his long ash (a la "16 candles") dropped into the vat.

he just kept on stirring...

At 14.12.05, Blogger pop renaissance said...

by the way - why is the type on yer blog so fucking small?

At 15.12.05, Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

At least that G@D loving Bess Eaton has disappeared.

At 15.12.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

Is the font really small?? (seriously, news to me)

I'll work on that

At 15.12.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

Hey! Bess eaton had an ACTUAL reminder that christ died for your sins, on every cup.

maybe not that blatant, but I remember one of the 't's being parTICularly cross shaped.

At 15.12.05, Blogger Gregor Samsa said...

I hate Krispy Kreme.

At 15.12.05, Blogger Lefty said...

Just your blockquote font. Hey! How come you didn't just say "make your font bigger"???

At 15.12.05, Blogger Yosef said...

Krispy Kreme always did make a better donut.

Hell yeah they did! I grew up going to the original Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem. There's absolutely nothing better than a hot Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut (and yes, they know how to spell the word doughnut!*)

Gregor and AG, y'all're truly missing out.

*It took me about 5 minutes to type that parenthetical because I kept misspelling every word! Ironic?

At 15.12.05, Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

I know Yosef! My BFF#2 in Durham reminds me of this almost daily. The fresh from the oven and pipping hot is all she can talk about. I respect it. I really do. It's just how they came in and cut into green space in Massachusetts and started this war with Dunkin' that I don't like. Boston Magazine did a nice article on it a few years ago.

At 15.12.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

Yeah, but now Dunkin is teh evil.

until Carlyle removes their Mitts... (ug ug ug), I'm drinking the new McDonalds coffee.


I tried it today. It does not suck, though it isn't real great either.

I think my thermos will be getting a workout.

Yosef, spelling is optional around these parts, on account of my dying keyboard.

At 16.12.05, Blogger pop renaissance said...

"Hey! How come you didn't just say "make your font bigger"???"

because the sheer amount of drugs and alcohol i ingest on a regular basis makes it so i do have to ask, in case i am seeing shit no one else is.

At 19.12.05, Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

I hear you MD. I will split the difference with you and Yosef: no donuts for AG! I will however continue to get my evil in a cup at Starbucks. I don't care how unpatriotic that is. I support Seattle and Starbucks.

At 19.12.05, Blogger mdhatter said...

I feel no guilt about starbucks. They're pretty decent to their employees, for a corporate monstrocity.


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