Aug 5, 2006

My stab at foriegn policy analysis

So, Condoleeza Rice was turned down for an announced meeting in Lebanon. American Foriegn Policy(TM) has generally been only to announce a meeting that WILL occur.

This means one of two things.

A) Condoleeza Rice is ineffective and should be replaced. You do not tell a Secretary of State that you respect to take a hike, and the democratically elected government of Lebanon (which in theory we back) has done so. This is a bigger deal than you may think.

because option B) means it was a set-up, that the cancellation was planned to heighten tension, and that a significant number of our troops will be leaving Iraq by the Fall of 2007.

and heading for Syria.


At 7.8.06, Blogger Chuckles said...

I like how she earlier claimed that she was going to have a lasting peace worked out in a week. I doubt anyone else takes her all that seriously. She is an obviously smart person who Has shilled for Bush for too long to earn any other nation's trust.

Have you noticed her wardrobe? When she was new to the job, her style was all power and authority. Now, she is trying to dress like a compromising, educated diplomat. Too bad she isn't dealing with goldfish.

At 8.8.06, Blogger mdhatter said...

ooh, a castle

ooh, a scuba diver

ooooooh, a castle

At 15.2.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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