Feb 11, 2007

Disturbing Domino's Delivery Drivers Daily

So, there was this link over at STiTP.


At 12.2.07, Anonymous robola said...

The one two to the right was pretty disturbing. His quote:

When I am angry at the world I find relief in dropping a clip into the air.

I'm not against owning a gun per se, but I'm definitely against treating them like their fucking stress relief. Buy a damn stress ball!

At 14.2.07, Blogger Chuckles said...

The pizza boxes are the only funny thing in that picture.

I like blowing stuff up when I am stressed. Virtual stuff on Unreal Tournament 2004. Jesus, I wouldn't want to run around and shoot stuff in life. There is a big goddam difference and these loons don't seem to get it.


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