Feb 16, 2007

Housekeeping and Zen

In an effort to screw with Blogger alpha for as long as I can, I'm not changing any more settings here, and I'm just posting instead. Call me a rebel, or something.

Also, sadly, someone has decided to post poorly written pornography spam in my comments section, so for a while, we're going with password verified blogger accounts only for posting. I want to believe it's a spambot, but I don't. Let the coward leave a trail. I'm not dealing with post-by-post verification.

Yes, it's annoying, and i use the password becuase no, i don't know how to switch to another publishing platform. (I'm sure it's possible, and easy, I don't feel up for the hassle of moving the archives just now).

Housekeeping now complete, your "moment of zen":


At 17.2.07, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

You know, just go ahead and switch. I was bitter mainly about being forced at one point, not because the new goobloggler is actually worse than the old or anything.

And who knows? Perhaps then you'll better avoid cum-gargling in your comments...

At 17.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

yeah, it pisses me off. I'll probably switch after i read the new terms of use.


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