Feb 19, 2007

Post 500 - Farewell Blogger

[updated about an hour later]

Unlike a certain long running animated TV-series, I successfully caught my 500th post.

But it is a sad post. This episode, instead of being a greatest hits, is called:

Blogger Beta sucks ass (U: Still the case - but specific login problem worked around)

For several reasons, not the least of which are the limits inherent Blogger and blogging

- This weblog is now dead -

kaput, finis, fade to black.

thanks for the memories.

I'll let you know if I move.




At 19.2.07, Blogger Lefty said...

Well, I guess it's to be expected. You'll be back, somewhere.

At 20.2.07, Blogger Smartypants said...

I tell myself...at least it's free.

= )

Seriously, I hope you'll be back.

At 20.2.07, Blogger CitizenBoo said...

You must go elsewhere. You owe it to humanity :)

At 20.2.07, Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

What the hell? Where are you and your blog?

And signing it mdh? Oh no! AG got the drama on that one time for calling you that on her blog. Now you pull a Bill O'Reilly and use it? You are in soo deep with AG once you and your blog show up again!

At 20.2.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

i did that just for you, AG, just for one last cussin' out.

I'll keep visiting, and may even reopen someday, but for the next few weeks at least I got other priorities.

at least I didn't pull a billmon.

At 21.2.07, Blogger Kathleen said...

go mdh.

At 21.2.07, Blogger Fulsome said...

well, good luck with the new job and this means WRN now reclaims undisputed ATHF blogging dominance!

At 22.2.07, Blogger Adorable said...

Fulsome wishes!

AG has some work things too and will be off teh blogs for a month or two. AG hasn't told Res yet. AG is worried about what will happen to him.

Though he has been preoccupied talking about G-d lately. Especially since he said he wasn't blogging.

At 27.2.07, Blogger fish said...

sad. say hi to billmon

At 3.3.07, Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Wow, you had a blog I didn't ever get to see until it was over. :(

I agree, blogger beta sucks.

I hope I get to have the last comment here, that way I win. Or something.

At 7.3.07, Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

Sorry, Annie -- AG hearts MDH too much to walk away from this.

Lefty, open some damn comments or something! AG is bored!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is quitting the Internets for Lent.

At 12.3.07, Blogger pop renaissance said...

just when i get back from the laboratory and mixin' up the medicines...

At 13.3.07, Blogger Lefty said...

To open up comments, I would have to start posting content. And I'm terrible at that.

On this rare occasion I was logged into gmail, I see why mdhatter hates the new Blogger.

At 2.4.07, Blogger mdhatter said...

yeah. total BS.

Who had the bad idea of a mandatory shared login between google and blogger.

I mean, why does it have to even check to see if you have a google cookie?

Isn't that just a little evil, a little big brother?

At 3.4.07, Blogger Lefty said...

Take four: It's not really a conspiracy so much as they've put in single sign-on between the google.com, gmail.com and blogger.com domains.

Face it -- You should just start posting here again.


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