May 21, 2003

Want to know why i don't trust the DARPA 'Terrorist (total) Information Awareness' program? Because you can't convince me that the FBI (at least) isn't for sale to some degree.

Judi Bari is someone i never met, and wish I had. A treehugger and activist who lived in a town I used to live in. She convinced EarthFirst! to stop damaging logging equipment and creating working conditions for the loggers that threatened their lives. Instead EF!'rs started sitting in trees, using only climbing equipment and passive-resistance techniques. And someone tried to blow her up.


Here's the background on the Bari case : On May 24, 1990, a bomb exploded in Bari's car, injuring her and Cherney. The FBI immediately accused Bari and Cherney of transporting the bomb and arrested them, even though both had recently received death threats, which they had reported to the police. The government dropped its charges against Bari and Cherney for lack of evidence six weeks later, but it had already illegally searched their homes, and it continued to say they were the only suspects.


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