Aug 23, 2006

I've never heard of this -link-

Cool. Very Very Cool.


At 23.8.06, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

Objects at the bottom of the ocean? I'm not sure about this.

At 24.8.06, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Agreed. V. v. cool.

At 25.8.06, Blogger Chuckles said...

I tried to comment on this the other day and it didn't take. Anyway, I thought this was awesome. It is like all the stories and tv shows of the technologically advanced ancients are true.

At 27.8.06, Blogger mdhatter said...

To me it looks like it was made some time in the 1930's but not 1930 BC!!!1!

At 18.3.09, Blogger wendy said...

Wow. Impressive discovery! I just watched something about this on the history channel today & it blew my mind. Couldn't help but wonder if the mormons think this could be the liahona, which is an acient navagating tool talked about in the book of mormon.


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