May 23, 2003

There are women's bodies scattered in Bunia's main market place; a baby's body on its main road; two priests' bodies inside one church. Last week, a burning corpse was tossed on to the main UN compound's lawn, to show 700 Uruguayan peacekeepers what they were missing while they cowered under fire behind its razor-wire perimeter, unauthorised to intervene in the latest massacre of Congolese civilians.

Isn't Osama in the Congo? Let's send in the Marines.

That country (Zaire?) had something going on at some point, and now it is chaos.

Something was in fact a military ditatorship, and that's never pretty. They can be so ugly that we've made a point of knocking a few over recently. So why stop. I can think of a few places in the world I'd be damn proud to see the US Marines 'restoring order'. Keep the legions busy and out of Rome.

Mr Makelo, a delegate to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which is meeting at UN headquarters in New York, said: "Pygmies are being pursued in the forests ... People have been eaten."



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