May 23, 2003

Here we go again
File this under the more good news department. Doublespeak, Dodge, and Deception, hard at work.

State and national Democrats have raised questions for nearly two weeks about whether DeLay used his political position with federal agencies in the search for the Democrats. Until Thursday, DeLay had refused to respond to the allegations, which he called "untruths."

...cut some stuff

On Wednesday, the Texas DPS said one of its commanders had ordered the destruction of all documents and photographs dealing with the search for the legislators.

"It sounds like a bureaucratic screw-up to me," DeLay said of the document destruction.

I wonder.........

As a Texas congressman, Mr DeLay was at the forefront of raising funds from Enron, bringing in money both for himself and the Republican party

According to his political opponents, Mr DeLay repeatedly intervened on Enron's behalf with administration officials, and enjoyed a relationship with the firm far closer than that of congressman to constituency employer.

Hmmmm..... how many times can one man blame others for screwing up under and around him, and still claim that he's done nothing wrong. And what does it say about the Republicans that he's currrently the Majority Whip of the US Senate.

Maybe I should move to a less left wing state and maybe make a difference by getting lefties to vote.... Maybe I should start with Texas. Or maybe they should just secede.


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