May 22, 2003

Not much to say today, but i do have one question:

Why have I not seen anyone yet mention that a land route from Afghanistan / Iran to Syria / Lebanon has just been basically closed. After all, Iraq spans a geography from the Persian Gulf in the south to Turkey in the North, and is Hundreds of miles across for most of that distance... and it's not run by a sympathetic regime (not neccesarily friendly to Al-Quaeda, etc....) any longer.

Hell, If Bush had said that up front, that he was afraid that WMD and terrorists were passing through Iraq to threaten Israel and Palestine, I would have been a bit more sympathetic.

For the record. The war did need to happen. I profoundly dislike the way it was played though.

And played is the key word.

I was played, you were played, the UN was played, and even Britain was played.

We're all pretty smart, smart enought to get angry when we're lied to, and I hope smart enough to recognise the truth when we see it.

Whichg is why when Germany and so manyother security counsel didn't sign on (France and Russia I expected to give us a hard time), it meant that insufficient evidence was presented to back up the way we wanted to do business. It's the Security Council. You can trust most of them with the evidence I am sure... ot at least some of the strong evidence... and when none of them were convinced (before the offer of multi-billion dollar US aid packages), I was unconvinced.


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