Jul 3, 2003

Project Vote Smart

In the candidate information section I just learned somethiong very promsing about Howard Dean.

Of all the things to make me stick to a candidate, I find it entertaining that this is the one fact that makes me sure he has a chance.

Favorite Book: 'Sometimes a Great Notion' by Ken Kesey

If you've read it, you probably understand.


"If somebody says: 'If they were going to find weapons down the road, that's worth it isn't it?' Well yes it is worth it," said Rockerfeller. "But when the president goes to the people through the Congress and says, 'I want you to vote because there is an imminent threat,' well you can make light of that or you can take it seriously."

Thank you W. Va, for sending this man to Washington

Fliers for your 4th of July

as seen on - Atrios

Welcome to the 21st Century

"The scope of Zone-H is to monitor cracker activity>, so I don't think we would render a good service to the community if we would put a blindfold on our mirror robots," he said.