May 8, 2006

Godsmack, Part Deux (link)

Okay, having met these guys (link here to the story about hanging out with two of them for an hour, then learning who they were) I have got to say one thing. This guy from Godsmack is so entirely correct. Yeah, he was entirely ambushed,

This guy from Arthur Magazine seems to be trying to speak truth to power... which is hillarious, because his opponent is totally receptive to it. I mean, they're just a band and this guy is just shy of implying godsmack's complicity in planning the war. But seriously, at some point THE LEFT has to draw the line between "the military" and "their leadership".

Serving in the military dooes not mean you agree. it means you don't put yourself first. Service is entirely honorable.

Hey! Arthur guy! Welcome to 2006. This is not 1969. We don't spit on our servicepeople anymore. Yeah, the band licensed a song to "the Navy", for "money". Welcome to "America". I'd do the same thing with their talent. Go Navy!

Why don't you also go ask Henry Rollins why he goes over to Iraq with USO tours?

Henry: Well, the U.S.O. came to me last year and said would you go out and meet the troops? I said absolutely 'cause I hate the war. I have a lot of disagreements with the current administration. There's a lot of questions I'd like answered by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld--

Tavis: Stop, stop, stop, stop. What do you make of the fact that the U.S.O. would ask someone who is so openly opposed to this war to go and to boost the morale of the troops? You don't even believe in those guys being there.

Henry: Well, I don't believe in them being there, but once they're there, they're my countrymen there.

Tavis: But is U.S.O. scared that since you were opposed to the war, that you might say something that would make Mr. Bush angry?

Henry: Well, I had manager, boy--I said, "you better call the U.S.O. back and you better get someone from the U.S.O. to talk to me," 'cause I don't want them--I want them to know what they're getting. And I met this wonderful woman Tracy, and I said, "Ma'am, I have a lot of problems with the administration." She goes, "what's your take on the troops, though?" I go, "Them--I love them. They're my heroes." She goes, "Then you'll be fine 'cause they dig you, and you dig them." And I said OK because I have a problem with the war, but not the troops. And I have gotten a bit of flak from making a distinction there. Some people say there's no distinction.

Tavis: How do you make that distinction?

Henry: Because the troops go where they're told. The troops would probably all rather be in Miami on a surfboard or having fun with their friends, but they signed up for this job, and this month, the job is Iraq or Djibouti, Africa, or Afghanistan or Pakistan or wherever the employment is, and they have to go. It's not like they can say, "oh, I'd rather--can I just do it from my backyard?" Ya gotta go where they tell ya to go, so they're all there doing their job. I support that bravery. Um, the war in Iraq is not easily discussed in any kind of time frame. There's a lot going on as everyone knows, but my support of the troops is unwavering.

Somebody needs a dose of "get the fuck over yourself", but he always did drink too much.


At 9.5.06, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

It's an Army of One, oh nevermind.

You're right, some folks need to get the fuck over themselves.

At 9.5.06, Blogger mdhatter said...

oh, yeah, AG, the new girl at my work... you would die!

At 11.5.06, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

No way! We need a post! Post! Post! Post!

Could you email me at adorablegirlfriend at yahoo dot com. Chuckles is coming to town adn we are thinking about getting together. So far, it's possibly, UC, Chuckles, Kevin Wolf and me. It would be around July 01 or 02. Do you have any other bloggers you know in the area?

We are going to ask Brad R. too.

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