Nov 10, 2003

This is part of a continuing effort to outclass people like these

afraid of work?

why do you hate america so much.

really, liberals are afraid of work?

You have got to be kidding me.

Next I'll here that conservatives worship money above all else.

stop being so simple, get some context.

Taxes are the price you pay to live in a civilized society. If you achieve much succes, you owe it to your efforts AND the society which allowed you to achieve it (educated employees, roads for trucks to drive your products around on, etc...)

Is it so hard to understand that "providing for the common welfare" has consistently paid off dividends of success even to those who complain about THEIR SHARE OF THE BURDEN.

get over yourself, please. Join scoiety and support your fellow Americans, even us liberals.

without them, you'd be alone and in the stone age, or at the very least you'd still be working saturdays.

How are we supposed to build 'Family values" when half the families in this nation give up? Not because they're lazy, but because they can't keep up with having to have two jobs just to pay for the health insurance of their children? What time does that leave to build, establish, and maintain these values i keep hearing about.

Is it really lazy to not work because you have to raise your own children alone because your husbands pride was so wounded in not being able to provide for you that he left you? Have you even not been able to meet your commitments? I bet the answer is yes. Did you look to the example of others? your father, who I assume you knew and grew up with, or some father figure? How many hours a week did he work? Hard worker wasn't he?

Don;lt you think stronger families would be facilitated, perhaps in the name of 'the public welfare', if some of the burdens were lifted from the average and the economically lesser families and individuals, and shifted to those 'to whom much has been given"?

just pay your share, and stop whining about it, other wise you're a userer... and we all know what that means.


Nov 7, 2003

My reply to

between quotes is this venemous authors text, between sets are my replies to his misguided diatribe of hate. Hope you enjoy.

"If you like consistency, you will love our friends from the left, nobody is wrong as consistently as they are, yet they are no less committed to their beliefs. Most ideologies of the left defy logic, history, common sense and good judgment. No matter how wrong on which issue, they still find a few willing to follow and I am terrified of what that say’s about the intelligence of our society today."

Hey, it wasn;t liberals interpreting the intelligence which stated Saddam had huge stockpiles of arms, ready to deploy in 45 minutes, oh that't right, it was Bill Clinton who said that. I challenge you to find me one instance where 'liberals' defy common sense, history, and logic. I missed that, was it the capitalists who got you saturdays off and lunch breaks so you could spend time with your family and actually eat something mid-day? Oh, that's right, you and you ilk have always had saturdays off, it was those damned lazy (blacks, irish, italians, poles, mexicans, note the historic progression here) who whined about working 14 hour days while you worked 10. So we went with logic and realized we outnumbered you.. so we organized. and your type got afraid ans shot at us, refused to talk, thinking we actually want your big houses and enormous debts. No, we just want to work a decent job and pitch in toward providing a roof over our heads, food on our table, and hopefully some health insurance for our children. The big difference is that liberals would like to see that you and that other american over there have that too.

"I guess it’s true that no amount of formal education can teach you common sense or good judgment. For some, it’s almost as if formal education trumps logic, history and common sense, at least in their mind. Leftist ideology is not limited to logical, factual, or historical truths and it’s certainly not based on moral or ethical foundations."

Clearly you have extensive formal education. I have a B.S. in Toxicology. all that trumps is anecdotes, because I believe the numbers. And is it REALLY immoral and unethical to want to see everyone (remember, we're all created equal 'round here) have a fair shot and at least a piece of the pie? I mean, we're not talking about changing the country into sweden or Icelenad here. But National Health Insuracnce isn;t exactly a bad idea, once you consider the portability of human capital that provides to employers. Oh, but you want us to be afraid of losing our jobs, and thus our health insurace, the one piece of the power puzzle that you conservatives guard so jealously.

"Best I can tell, liberals are driven by emotion. Right and wrong, historical facts, common sense nor logic enter the equation, and what they choose to become emotional about is even more puzzling."

Is it so puzzling to become emotional over an administration that upn recieving a bare and arguable majority of the electoral votes, and actually lost by a slim margin the popular vote, marched into office like they had some sort of mandate from the people to stick their finger in the eye of most of our international allies, rip up arms control treaties worked out over decades of effort, gave the UN the finger, and actually changed the name of French Fires to Freedom Fries... Excuse me for wondering who is running on emotion ans a short sense of logic here.

Note: I didn;t mention globabl warming treaties or the striking resemblance of the administrations tactics to the stated objectives of that think-tank that a few current administration officals belonged to,m not the famous picture of Saddam and Rumsfeld shaking hands.

"According to liberals, tax cuts don’t stimulate economic growth, yet even current history tells quite a different story. Just like the Reagan era, the recent Bush tax cuts have already created the most vibrant economic growth our country has seen in almost 20 years, since Reagan, and they still don’t get it, or won’t admit it."

Tax cuts do not stimulate economic growth when anyone with a brain realizes their taxes are going to go up in a year or two to pay for this mess. And the only thing vibrant about htis economy is 1) the crickets chirping about massive manufacturing sector job losses, 2) the rate at which the unemployed are dropping off the rolls because they go past the 26 to 39 weeks of unemployment they recieve, and 3) the rapidity with which the sharks are circling our fair president.

"According to liberals, peace makes peace, not war. Again, history tells quite a different story. September 11th was plotted during eight years of passive leadership, by an administration that all but abolished our military and wanted to hand the keys to our country over to the UN for the sake of peace, yet peace was not the result. World history is clear, real peace has never been achieved through any means other than strength, yet liberals can’t be bothered with the facts."

8 years of passive leadership? ummm, whatever. you are clearly blinded by your bilious hatred of Clinton. I liked him. we'll never get to the bottom of that. I suppose Clinton could have traded the recognition of the Taliban in exchange for Osama on a platter.... but sending in a few cruise missiles is a better idea.

"According to liberals, its government’s primary job to right our social ills and injustices by controlling as much as possible, eliminating the need for people to make good decisions on their own. Yet once again, history tells us that each generation goes deeper in debt from government waste and mismanagement of public programs, and because we can afford it, each generation has a growing dependency on government solutions to personal problems."

Again, a modern post-industrail (as we are becoming) country in which about 30% of the population has no health insurance is not a "personal problem". That is a social crisis. I only advise you of this because payback is a bitch. remember the 60's? that happened because conservatives pushed too far, and the left pushed back. break our spirit, and we'll kick your door in. each of us is, in fact and in the workds of thomas Jefferson, EQUAL. I can tell you persoanlly don't really feel that way, and that you would deny me a level playing field. I mean to say, if you saw my "WE ARE CREATING ENEMIES FASTER THAN WE CAN KILL THEM" bumber sticker, you would be the sort to deny me a job just to spite my attitude. Your right, but who hates America now?

According to liberals, a free market society based on capitalism is" the worst economic model on earth. Wrong again, history tells us that capitalism is the by far best economic system on earth, in fact it’s the only system on earth that can feed itself, as well as the rest of the world. While the rest of the world desperately wants to be more like us, liberals want us to be more like them."

Actually capitalism IS the worst economic system, except for all the others. Pure capitalism does not work. Think airline bailouts, savings and loan bailouts, ENRON, HealthSouth, Martha, etc. BUT, it's is good at keeping an economy which wants to reward massive failure and financial ruin with bigger paychecks and another chance to bollocks up another company. Why don't you support the jailing of Skilling and Scruche, and Stewart (oh my) in your writings? I'm not claiming you don't, but I think you doth protest too much.

"According to liberals, abortion is about the Rights of a mother to make decisions regarding her own body. The facts are, it is the body and fate of another that a woman is deciding, the baby’s. The mother will usually live to repeat her mistakes, while the baby who made no mistakes, will not. Liberals think abortion is legal because one judge said it was, years ago, related to one specific case. Murder, the taking of another innocent life, not in self defense, has always been illegal."

Abortion is too f-ing comlex to get into with you, but if you want to make the "personal decision" that everybody eles viable fertilized egg must be brought to full term and born, than I want you to take the "personal responsibility" of ponying up to help raise that child. A simple vote for universal health insurance should help a lot.

According to liberals, animals deserve the protections that "a human baby does not. Whales, seals, caribou, even rattle snakes deserve our protection, but that same compassion is not afforded an innocent child. If you can square this one, you have a remarkable talent for justifying the incomprehensible."

Actually, according to liberals, the fate of every animal should be left to the "hand of darwin" as much as is possible. Same thing for fetus'. I'd much rather see a woman get an abortion than see a baby starve to death or raised by the state. Oh, you hate darwin too, right?

"According to liberals, our government is based on the separation of church and state, though they can not point to any historical data that would support their claim. Quite to the contrary, history tells us in no uncertain terms, that this country was born and raised on Judeo Christian values. There is a reason why our currency say’s “In God We Trust”, our pledge say’s “One Nation, Under God”, our constitution say’s “All Men Are Created Equal, Endowed by Their Creator”, every public official takes an oath of office ending with, “So Help Me God”, and every court testimony in our land begins with your right hand in the air, and your left on a bible. Our founding fathers, as well as 85% of Americans trust God more than man and as history has shown, with good cause. The separation they desire does not exist anywhere in our history, though based on their belief system; I understand why they hope no God exists, moral discussions won’t help their causes at all."

I'm pretty sure that it's clear that Judeo-Christian values, I prefer Abrahamic values, are espoused in our constitution, and so do in fact guide our nation. if you believe that God should guide our decisions that you should appreciate the quandy posed by a man who insists that God told him to kill. "well, if God said so (as is documented in the Bible), i suppose we'll have to let you go?"

Further, can you prove that god created me and that it isn;t all one big practical joke played on you, just to see how much you can handle? I mean, heaven is a great idea, especially if you're afraid that this life is all you got... but I'd rather work toward a heaven on this earth... so I do. And in heaven, no babies starve to death.

Further, you do not have to say "so help me god". I was a witness in a trial a while back, and upon being asked that I looked at the judge and said "I cannot swear to a god I do not believe in, but you have my word". That was QUITE sufficient for the judge. The money says "In god we trust" becuse most of us Americans do trust in god. I don't. and you can't make me so please stop trying to convince me to and thinking poorly of me for finding my own path.

"According to liberals, the environment must be protected, defined by them as left untouched. However, nearly three thousand families who recently lost their homes in California would not be homeless today, if appropriate logging to thin forest areas prone to wild fires had not been blocked repeatedly by the liberal left. Only after three thousand lives have burned to the ground, and over a half million acre’s are destroyed, can the left concede that some logging might be good."

You don;t "log" to thin forests. The forest that burned are "chapparal". Dry scrubby resin rich scrubby brush. No economic value currently. 'logging' is what you do to a 1,000 year old 600-acre swath of forest. strangely, and I used to live in CA, after logging what is left is, hmmm.... dry scrubby brush. to make the point simple - Big trees do not burn when the underbrush is burned out every couple dozen years. The natives used fire as a tool and performed lots of burning without trashing their entire neighborhood. Us, we cut down hundreds of acres at a shot, causing erosion and filling creeks with sediment, then move on and are surprised when the clearcut burns 20 years later. Those folks in San Diego may as well have built their house on an island in the Mississippi Delta... it was bound to happen, and this liberal is offended that I have to pay for THEIR poor planning... but that's what conservtives love, a chance to get more government money to bail them out when plans fail and they realize the errors of their ways. That was about as fair as most of your article.

"According to liberals, we don’t need to drill for oil, dig for coal, or burn corn for energy, but when the most liberal state in the union went black; liberals began to see the light. They have been consistently the first to complain about prices at the pumps, the first to block any efforts to become energy self sufficient, and the last to do anything to reduce our dependence on foreign oil."

I dunno, i don;t drive a humVee or even an SUV. My car gets 40mpg, and I laugh when I have to pay more than 20 bucks for gas. HA HA!. As for the rest of it, we're the ones trying to get y'all to STOP WASTING THE OIL. We know we need to use it, but do you need to be so sloppy with it? Really, would we need Saudi Oil if we could increase energy efficiency by say 25% It would probably mean more fees for owning jet ski's and snowmobiles and the like.. but hey, I pay an extra $3 bucks a pack for the luxury of smoking, so why don't y'all pitch in your fair share? Can you say with a straight face that we're the LAST ones to do anything about it? I assume you're thinking ANWR here. sadly, you've been had. That oil would go directly to the Asian market dut to the high Sulfur content of the oil, no net impact to US imports, but a potentially HUGE impact to a complex ecosystem. Sounds like a great deal IF YOU OWN AN OIL COMPANY. As for Nuclear power, A) Bush cant even say the word right, and 2) a simple cost benefit / risk analysis proves that unless we build them underwater somwhere off the coast of France, there is too great a risk (price) associated with a meltdown when compared with the cost of operating and disposal at a Nuke plant.

"According to liberals, the Bush administration went into Iraq for the oil, and financial gain. But it is liberals who want the money to develop a free Iraq to be loans rather than grants, and its liberals who are asking for free oil from Iraq in exchange for liberating a people."

Nope. According to liberals the Bush administration went into Iraq at WORST to reignite a holy war, and at BEST to collectively spend us out of the option of having nationalized health insurance in your lifetime. this liberal wanted them to be grants.

"Liberals talk about Human Rights more than anyone on earth, but its not liberals fighting for the Rights of the Iraqi people, its greedy conservatives. Its not liberals fighting for the Human Rights of an innocent child, it’s those selfish conservatives."

I didn't know the army was so selective. we, by the way, are fighting for the human rights of EVERYONE. Even yours.

"They couldn’t be more wrong on these issues and many others, but that won’t stop them from continuing to promote policies that threaten our way of life. Therefore, the rest of us must keep fighting, unless we are willing to suffer the consequences of letting them win."

Our way of life? which way is that? Raise your kids, tell them whatever you like, at 18 set 'em free and hope that they do well. Do not tell my kids that they have to pledge allegiance to your god in school every day. Don't tell my friend's muslim kid that he's still part of the team even though everyone else on the team prays to their god befor the game (he's just left with is muslim idol, right?). In short, do not use my secular tax dollars in a non-secular way.

beware the tyrrany of the majority.

and be careful when you poke your neighbor in the eye, you never know when you will need that neighbor or his eyes.

and finally, I'll bet you have brown eyes.