Dec 30, 2006



Dec 29, 2006

How to stir a shitpot

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, sentenced to death for his role in 148 killings in 1982, will have his sentence carried out by Sunday, NBC News reported Thursday. According to a U.S. military officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, Saddam will be hanged before the start of the Eid religious holiday, which begins at sundown Saturday.

We all know how calm people are around family holidays, right? It's a good thing Iraq isn't filled with broken homes.


My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Sharpened Screwdriver of Charity. What's yours?

There will be coffee and cookies in the Gandhi Room after the revolution.

Yes, this is old news, but new to me!

Dec 26, 2006

Less saddening than the last post

Although i did not want one for christmas

Click Title for song of the day

I swear, this has been running through my head

-all day-

on the upside, the "the internet is for..." song has been displaced.

Update: TimesPersonoftheYearTUBE to the rescue

Dec 24, 2006

Dann Martys and I are both morons

Don't take my word for it.

Dec 23, 2006

Homeland Security Level: Onion

Goode, who represents Virginia's 5th Congressional District, said he is receiving more positive comments from constituents than negative.

"One lady told me she thinks I'm doing the right thing on this," he told Fox News. "I wish more people would take a stand and stand up for the principles on which this country was founded."

I wish people could see when they are being caricatures of themselves. Is there a context in which this is acceptable? Some of our 'enemies' are muslim, an all of them are human, does it follow that all muslims, and all people, are our enemy? Is our national 'other', ourselves?

Dec 20, 2006

Song of the Day

Second try (and 1st runner up), hope this one works

Dec 19, 2006

The internet is for Chuckles

How did I not see this before? (a losing entry for the Webby's)

"Dee Dee Dee"

The 13-ft (3.9m) snake was still strangling Ted Dres' body when it was discovered by an acquaintance.

Dec 17, 2006

Embedded Music Test

test test. is this thing on?

click the box on the left.

Dec 13, 2006

nobody likes a faker

Not only did the plot fail in not working out

and was asked to participate in the skit. The officer stated that the skit went as designed and that Shore was not injured in the designed skit."

The incident, which took place during a comedy show in Odessa, took the Internet by storm after video was released on the Internet.

It also failed, insofar as I never heard of it, while I did hear about Mel's remarks, Andy's wrestling matches (also fake), and other similar stunts.

Dec 11, 2006

Yes, this is a useful link.

I realized yesterday that I treat the radio like television - I make appointments to listen to certain shows, while treating TV like the radio. I turn the TV on absentmindedly, and just watch sometimes. I do have a 2 hour block of appointment televison, once a week, for certain sciency fictional shows. which I often miss.

I do usually manage to hear my favorite radio shows. I also like public radio, comedy, news, and the like.

so, if you like radio like i like radio, follow the link in the title, and make the most of it.

Dec 10, 2006

Fun with Urban Dictionary : Hasselhoffing

The act of changing a colleague's desktop wallpaper to display the manly physique of David Hasselhoff.

You have your assignments

Wait, what did you just say?

Top Air Force Lawyer Had Been Disbarred

Washington Post Staff Writer

A top Air Force lawyer who served at the White House and in a senior position in Iraq turns out to have been practicing law for 23 years without a license.--


He was the general counsel for the White House Military Office from December 2001 to January 2003, and from August 2003 to January 2005. In between those tours, he was the legal adviser to the reconstruction effort in Iraq, an Air Force spokesman said.

The policies pursued by the military have all been legal, according the advice of our best cousel... or something like that.

Dec 9, 2006

Another Blogger's Work - link-

Yes folks, the Iraq Study Group recommendation #63 is about how Iraq should privatize their oil, preferably to US Energy Companies.

Gee, Who saw THAT coming?

No Words

Dec 7, 2006

A metaphor for her husband

(CBS) WASHINGTON It's always one of the biggest nights in Washington for stars and for glamorous fashion, with guests in the spotlight at an exclusive White House holiday reception. The designer gowns are always scrutinized, and on this year's bash, there was plenty to talk about.

Three women donned the exact same $8,500 red Oscar de la Renta dress, a fashion faux pas in itself. But that's just the beginning of this debacle of ladies in red.

It just so happened that First Lady Laura Bush was wearing the very same dress too.

She should have stayed the course, now the fashionists are emboldened.

Not in front of the Muggles!

Many people are spending the night in a respite centre after a tornado ripped through several streets in north-west London.

Seriously, what is up with that ?

I was an hour east out of Salt Lake City when the tornado hit downtown there some years ago, Had I stayed to find a cup of coffee I might have seen it. Unfortunatley I knew SLC is not a coffee-bar town. Instead I brewed it on side of the road and got back to driving.


So, I just emptied my "spambox" on one of my online mail accounts... and in the 5 seconds it took to erase all 1300 of them - I got two new ones.


Dec 5, 2006

I hate management consultants

I'll bet's it's mutual. So, the old job search... and came across this gem or corporate triple-speak.

In this position, you will be responsible for coordinating and coaching your shift team so that Operational priorities are understood and met. You will have understanding of the short-term business plan for your area of responsibility and support the shift team activities to achieve these objectives with strong focus on excellent HSE performance, throughputs, yields, and energy usage.

that 'excellent enegy usage' bit - That's manageese for "corporate pep squad members and Type A's only".

Never, ever, ever, ever.

Dec 4, 2006

Huxley was British too, right? -link-

"Mr Blair said although the Cold War had ended the UK needed nuclear weapons as no-one could be sure another nuclear threat would not emerge in the future."

no one can be sure that nuclear weapon's won't cease to exist?

No one? You mean aside from maybe Tony Blair and the circles he runs with, of course. But he doesn't "know" them. That very special relationship is for us 'mericans.

Some Pig. Some Bottom.

Dec 1, 2006

how a single song can restore your faith in everything

also, this worthy cover of another radiodread cover

Best Headline Ever

Gamers aspire to take over world

seriously, I'm not one for the Online role-playing games. I mean, i love games, I just got burned out on the whole massively-multiplayer thing well before there were graphics to squash your imagination.

I give you MUD's, and Nethack.

to me, world of warcraft is K1/\/d4 l4m3.

still, the headline leads to a cool story, and i wish them well.

Good times

Turns out the show was every bit as good as the administration.


James Murdoch accused the BBC of "megalomania" today at a high-profile media conference where the BSkyB chief executive gave his first comments on......

"This is not public service, it's megalomania. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the BBC has managed so far to escape any meaningful oversight by concocting a governance fudge that Thornton's would be proud of. Delusions of grandeur will flourish in the absence of proper accountability."

That must be some fudge. I heart my BBC, even if they occasionally fling the propaganda harder than we do, they got nuthin on Mr. Murdoch's FOX... nor, for that matter, his megalomania.