Sep 29, 2005


I am 18 days old.


Via Eschaton

Oh man.

oh man oh man.



and the persons in that command structure whose failures in exercising supervision may make them culpable along with the soldiers who were court-martialed

C'mon home boys!

Sep 28, 2005

Allright! Ayyyyyyy! (link)

3 years

move on

Sep 26, 2005

get your Meat on (link)

awesome concept.

News? (link)

Certainly more newsworthy than any Runaway Brides.
why is this trial, and any testimony used to convict them, not bigger news here?

damnit. fuck the US media. try people!!! try!!!

Intelligent Noodling

blogger seems not to want images just now.

It occurs to me that the image of the FSM is in fact, all around us. oooooh, fractally at that.

stolen link! (Freedom Camp)

"It's newsworthy, and people can form their own opinions."

I definitely have an opinion about this. I'd share, but I think I might vomit.

(If anyone actually clicks though to the site, tell me if it's for real)


Don't think you know enough about what's going on with the greater world to have an opinion?

want blogoshpere style information to feel more informed?

yes, tv twice.

I think the dailyKos is a great thing, as an opportunity for information, rumous, and snark to be spread.

This project seems potentially more promising.

Sep 24, 2005

Pharyngula 23:5 (link)

Inspired by Greg at the Talent Show (I'll re-do my blogroll eventually)

ao, the 23rd post in this blog, and the 5th sentence thereof:

"I'm not kidding, the name of the air-force lawyer who will defend prisoners in Military Tribunals, should they ever occur, has been given. And for real, his name is Will Gunn."

Yep, seems perfectly representative.

Sep 23, 2005

the Friday, apparently random, "10"

My apologies. My old machine died, and took 60GB of great tunes with it. iMacDV. green. dead.

the good news, Bose tri-port headphones. Fucking A quality.

So I'm trying to rebuild the library, but I only have so much tolerance for feeding CDs to my new machine, a macMini, btw. So, if an artist came up twice, since my library is so mini, for now, I used only the first.

1) Death Cab for Cutie - Crooked Teeth
as i've mentioned, i'm just getting tino this band. This sounds like a radio track to me, very Replacements. I like their other sound better. (6.5/10)

2)Dresden Dolls - Coin operated Boy (live)
opening audience interaction line : "Just take it OFF.... so he just sticks it on over the pants..., sigh"

Another radio track. What can I say? this is a great song about being lonely because you think you deserve it, and it sucks that it's the ONLY SONG BY THE DD that I ever hear on the radio. the live track reminds you that their drummer is fucking awesome, and that two people can make some awesome noise. (7/10)

3) Brazil - Django Reinhardt
As the legend goes, a self-taught swing guitar virtuoso. I just cannot get enough of this guy. Sadly, most of his work is transferred from old crappy records, since he predates magnetic tape. This is music to play when you host a snazzy Sunday AM brunch. (6.5/10)

4) Sun King - the Beatles
What this generation needs is another Abbey Road. No, another John Lennon. Nothing like foriegn lyrics that you can still make out*. (*to) (7/10)

5) bathtub gin - phish
This song reminds me of when I used to see phish. Once the crowd was over 1,000, after 1992, I stopped going to the shows. Phish songs from the first albums always remind me of how much I miss the Grateful Dead, not for their skill, but for their previously unheralded role in drawing the most annoying hippies away from the phish shows. Also reminds me of a hippie I used to, you know, do it with. (8/10)

6) Endless Summer - Zwan!
ahh crap. nothing else. must have been trying to rip the one promising corgan-ish track on this album, and grabbed the whole thing. It's yet another corgan song to a misplaced love, but it does remind you how much better he sounds with a real drummer backing him. Billy Corgan should never program another drum machine, ever. (3/10)

7) the Dirty Glass - Dropkick Murphy's
This is the dropkick version of the Pogues tune "angels of new york city", except drunker, dirtier, and with more hitting on your waitress. (6/10)

8) Latin Simone - Gorillaz
This beat is fucking awesome. the lyrics are unintelligibly cuban, and yet it's much better than anything off the Second Gz album. Let this be a lesson to all artists, DJ Dangermouse will fuck your shit up. Que pasa contigo mi hermano? (9/10)

9) Cowboy Coffee - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Yet another band i've seen a thousand times. Chorus: "Cowboy coffee / chemical cream / right on ride on my stallion of dreams/ it's a midnight shower / a sleep in the flowers / a hurricaine breakneck speed rapidfire dream."
A Bosstones show should not be missed, even today. Something about 7 horns MAKES you dance. (8/10)

10) St. Etienne - Only love can break your heart
This is the best Neil Young cover*. (*that i can think of) Especially if you like dancehall beats with bubblegum voices. the lyrics sond very different coming from a woman.

11) Let's Get Retarded - Black Eyed Peas
This is ever so much more rewarding that the radio version "Let's get it started". It's my personal theme song for 3bulls visits. (9/10 for those visits)(6/10 otherwise)

damn, that's some spectrum.

WTF? (fewer wingnuts, more nuts)

Wow. I'm not sure what I can add to this, Nice clouds, i guess.

The amazing part is the hours of downloadable video of clouds, and planes flying overhead. Calming, actually, but i saw only clouds.

I'm not saying he's wrong, though I feel he is.

Well intentioned but misguided. Rock on Brother.

Andrew Johnson shot this image of contrails planes in action over his home 14th June 2005 over in the United Kingdom.

Contrail operations had largely ceased throughout the Western US during July and much of August 2005 as the planes have been needed with Katrina and other tropical storms this season. As activity in the tropics winds down expect these aircraft to return to their normal zones of operation.

Cue "Apocalypse Now" music, grab surfboard

Whoa doggie. Gotta chew on this one a while.

Whatever I may have previously said regarding me and my personal helicopters, disregard that.

This seems the purest sort of science, fiction, like most of Neil Stephensons novels, 99% sound, and suspension of disbelief for that other 1%.

but therein is the story

Sep 22, 2005

best of luck, everyone

As noted over at First Draft.

Meanwhile, Bush said that among the 1.3 million evacuees are his parents -- Houston resident and former President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara. "They're in Washington," Gov. Bush said. "Their house is all boarded up."
Personally, I hope the evacuation is 'working very well for them'. And working better for everyone else. Evacuation sucks.

That quote was Jeb, the last great hope for visionary leadership from within the Bush Clan. Strange that jeb didn't mention his (not very christian) visionary mystic warrior pal

I got this exclusive pic of Chang.

I think Chang would be very helpful at distinguishing the evacuees from the refugees.

Sep 20, 2005

My Black Helicopter has it's own black helicopter

Newly released CCTV footage shows the 7 July London bombers staged a practice run nine days before the attack.

He added that it was "part of a terrorist's methodology" to check timings, lay-out and security precautions.

Now, were I a criminal mastermind

I wouldn't tell the bombers one damn thing about the bombs, and I'd have them ferrying books from place to place for weeks, in synchronised teams, timing them, for my own infernal purposes.

Except the ones who flew the planes. They'd need to be in on the whole plan.

/black helicopter

It's kicking in, man

I may be at a loss here.

words escape me.

I thought you all should know

The Jågermeiser of the vegetable kingdom.

this random guy's face says it all.

this article is hillarious

If you've never had one

it is quite an experience

Durian, it's what's for dinner, if you're an elephant.

Sep 19, 2005

Putting the F in Freedom

Can anyone yet tell if my suspicions are right.

That the new freedom tower looks like the middle finger, pointing east (I assume).

With knuckles and all.


Slack Time

What Time is it?

Time for a new watch.

Sep 18, 2005

This American Life (link)

So there I was, driving to my sisters, listening to Ira Glass.

He was doing a show about the hurricaine.

and he was pulling no punches.


After an overiew of the relvant codes, National Response Plan, etc...:

"and they didn't need to wait for the state?"

"They did not need to wait for the state"

I.G. "Remember you heard that here, (pause) just rememer you heard that at all"

Listen to this link, at least the first 2 minutes.

as I was listening on my Boston NPR, abruptly, 24 minutes in- dead air. A minute, maybe just 40 seconds.

then, last weeks show.

Anyone got a black helicopter I can borrow?

the whole show:

1 person who was at the concention center,
a person on the bridge to Gretna,

and a teenager who went without water, and what that was like.

Overall, still this american life. hope it's on next week.

Sep 17, 2005

Mmmmm, overcooked Cheese

Pepperoni and bacon, overcooked.


the little dog

Spawned by the comments at Sadly, No!

Someone mentioned that Bush is hard to listen to, that his cadence is forced, seemingly false.

If he were to emphasise different syllables, he might sound like he's saying something.

I've noticed his written speeches, when compared to the way he speaks them, say very different things. The words are all there, same order, but Bush always manages to say something non-commital, in a way that many people see as passionate.

Others, who I suspect are better at reading people, see that often he doesn't comprehend what he is saying, he is literally just reading, consistently.

Reading isn't leading, and leading isn't reading
So don't pet goats, don't pet goats.
(apologies to McGruff)

and thanks to McGruff (and the Indian Health Service?!?, wtf? a story about ducks that makes my larger point)

I miss saxophone jazz and blue dresses.

p.s. i could use the tp, bring it!

p.p.s. That trick with the bag of grass works at the campus pond too, except you'll get hippie chicksas well as ducks.

Maybe that's what O'Reilly meant.

Increasing Troop Levels for Elections

Oh, that's the other front.

Now where would 150,000 US Troops have come in handy about 2 years ago?

(hint: it rhymes with Bora Tora.)

The Masters of the Universe

Wait for it, wait for it, SKELETOR!

This is why I read the Talent Show.

(title is link)

Red Sox 3, A's 2

Manny gets hit by a pitch, and the crowd rises to their feet.


quite a moment

Sep 16, 2005

bob harris dot com

That must be one tiny podium


This makes me I had a 'fetch' dog. They're all so neurotic though.

I'll keep my lazy settter, thankyouverymuch

high level functioning

A picture is worth....

can someone put the grownups back in charge?

i'd love to believe he's ana absent minded genius, but all indications point away from THAT conclusion.

via (C&L)

Jay Severin

is one of the reasons I have satellite radio.

Nationwide, good for him. Now the whole world can experience his world class nincompoopery. emphasis on poop.

Frank Black

The track, 'honeycomb', has the best bass line of any frank black song NOT backed by Kim Deal.

damn it grows on me.


Stolen from a kos diary:

am duty-bound to report the talk of the New Orleans warehouse
district last night: there was rejoicing (well, there would have been without the curfew, but the few people I saw on the streets were excited) when the power came back on for blocks on end. Kevin Tibbles was positively jubilant on the live update edition of Nightly News that we fed to the West Coast. The mini-mart, long ago cleaned out by looters, was nonetheless bathed in light, including the empty, roped-off gas pumps. The motorcade route through the district was partially lit no more than 30 minutes before POTUS drove through. And yet last night, no more than an hour after the President departed, the lights went out. The entire area was plunged into total darkness again, to audible groans. It's enough to make some of the folks here who witnessed it... jump to certain conclusions.

Who, exactly, is surprised?


I'm in!

Bose Tri-Port

What can I say.

I just got new headphones.

Bose Tri-port. I winced at the price, but I do trust Bose.

Makes my computer fun again, rocks the iTunes.

(this post dedicated to Frank Blacks new album, which after 3 listens is offically very very good, and not like his other albums, but still the same. )