Jun 27, 2003

From the 'American Mint', A commemorative coin to rival no other.

America's 43rd President
After an unforgettable campaign against the Democratic candidate Al Gore in 2000, George W. Bush became the forty-third president of the United States and the first man since John Quincy Adams to follow his father into the White House.

also available at the mint,

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Capture the spirit and dedication that has made the United States of America one of the world’s most powerful nations!

$10.00 Each

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also, and this one featuring an image of the WTC towes

A Unique Tribute to the Proud History of the State of New York
Home to such landmarks as the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, and the Empire State Building, New York is one of our greatest national treasures. Now, the state of New York is honored with this unique proof-quality medallion inlaid with a genuine New York State quarter beautifully plated in sparkling 24-kt. gold.

Where is the American Mint?


have we learned nothing?

Jun 26, 2003

"It's about a radio blowhard with pitifully thin skin, whose radio show is failing miserably, and whose TV show can't even finance itself through national advertising due to its toxic, stunted, hateful, pathetic content, taking out his failure on web sites who speak truth to power."

thanks for the heads up Atrios

Jun 24, 2003

Under an order that President Bush issued in November 2001, military tribunals can be used to try non-citizens accused of terrorist acts. Individuals brought before the tribunals would have no right to a jury trial, no right to confront their accusers and no right to judicial review of trial procedures or sentences, which could include death.

THAT plust the fact that Patriot Act II will allow for the stripping of citizenship without trial, based solely on indictment, without even judicial review


hello? there are crazy paranoid control hungry ologarchical nationalists running our country. They can't even find a needle in a neeldle stack. Can we please have our country back??

Jun 20, 2003

Honored members of The House Committee on Energy and Commerce

I urge your committee to take up the issue of the recent changes to FCC market ownership regulations. I urge you not to allow loosening of ownership restrictions at this time. This regulated media has existed for only 50 years, and is a potent force for informing and/or leading the american public has yet to fully develop. During this still emerging time of media development, discretion is the better part of valor.

Freedom of the press, in my America, is not a direct result of owning all of the presses.

The very idea that a handful of people can decide what I do and do not hear about (as in any songs by Rage Against the Machine as banned by Clear Channel for months after 9/11) and learn about through our free press, reeks of a tyranny of the majority.

Changing the rules to allow greater domination, and especially cross media domination, of media in ANY market is abhorrent and, in my opinion, un-American. I say un-American because I have always trusted my government to protect all sides, while not promoting any one side, and in this case, the new FCC regulations distinctively favor Goliath.

Signed, David

Now you go tell them

"It's an unlicensed copy," said Andy Woolley, who runs Milonic. "It's very unfortunate for him because of those comments he made."

Statement by the President


I commend Congress, particularly Senators Bond and Mikulski and Representatives Boehner and Hoekstra, for working with my Administration and taking swift action to pass the Strengthen AmeriCorps Program Act. The bill establishes accounting guidelines for the Corporation for National and Community Service that will help put AmeriCorps on a sound financial footing.


"Terrorists declared war on the United States and war is what they got. (Applause.)

We have captured or killed many key leaders of the al Qaeda network. And the rest of them know we're on their trail. (Applause.) In Afghanistan, in Iraq, we gave ultimatums to terror regimes. Those regimes chose defiance and those regimes are no more. (Applause.) Fifty million people in those two countries once lived under tyranny, and now they live in freedom. (Applause.)"

also by Bushh43

"Two-and-a-half years ago, we inherited an economy in recession. Then the attacks on our country, scandals in corporate America, and war affected people's confidence. And that hurt our economy. But we acted."

Your administration inherited a recession???




Juneteenth, 2003

is that ebonics ?

Greeks hate us

From the Slate.

2. Lessons from Lord British. Richard Garriott is the Thomas Edison of the virtual world. He founded Origin Systems, the company that developed Ultima Online, the first successful virtual-world game. He ruled Ultima Online as "Lord British"—the absolute monarch, umpire, lawgiver of that virtual community. (He now helps run the U.S. arm of NCsoft, the Korean company that has the world's biggest game, Lineage.) Garriott believes that creation of a virtual world like Ultima Online is a powerful experimental model for the rebuilding of a devastated country.


The study looked at the combination of human behavior and environmental pollution. It concluded that a person eating an 8-ounce filet from a fish caught in Woods Pond once a week for 60 years would have a 1-in-33 chance of contracting cancer.


GE has pointed to an assumption by the EPA that somebody might fish in the same spot of the river for two days a week, seven months a year for 60 years. GE asserts such behavior is highly unlikely.


Ok, but....
a) fish move around too, so it's just rather unlikely

b) when's the last time 8oz of fish was all you ate after a day's fishing, so it's just kinda unlikely

c) fisherman, and people who work in the mills there often have bad livers (drinking/occupational exposure) so it's just plain-old unlikely

d) PCB's aren't the only thing that people are exposed to that cause cancer either, and some people are extra sensitive. If someone could actually get cancer from JUST eating the fish, how about the additional exposure from leaky waders? from sitting on the shoreline? from bringing your 8-year old son with you to the river and letting him play there?

seem's almost likely now.

don't even try to dodge, you gotta own up and clean it up.

Jun 19, 2003

Granted, we all know this is possible, but to have a government official state that personal property should be destroyed, also known as appropriated by the government, without a hearing or offer of fair compensation, if 'other means' can't stop them is a concern,

it is also kind of a sad statement as to how this official feels about you, your property, and your rights.... and also a clear statement of his view of the rights of the wealthy and the corporate.

On Tuesday, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said that illegal file swappers of the worst stripe should have their computers destroyed if other means could not thwart their actions. Destruction could come via a remote technology that can destroy offenders' computers.

What do i think? I think that until 50 years ago 99.9% of musicians were lucky to feed themselves through their art. As big a fan as I am of musicians being able to eat, I think musicians and the companies that profit from their art, should be glad to share.

Oh, the 'P' word.

Well, we should stop taking as gospel that music is an enormously profitable industry. Most of it is not, most musicians don;t play for the money, and the stars should count their blessings after they have become popular enough to pay their back taxes and their credit card bills and realize that most of their money is made on-tour.

On tour it doesn;t matter why they like your music or where they got it from, just that there is a warm ass there who paid 32 bucks for their nosebleed seats. The artist might see 10 bucks of that, but it beats the 99cents they make off a CD purchase.

If you believe in your music, you shouldn;t care.

And if you don't believe in your music, you should.

Here's what I mean. I once burned a copy of an out of print CD by an small-time artist from NYC. I liked the CD so much I sent her ten bucks with a note of explanation and a thank-you note. When I copied a Radiohead CD I didn't bother.

what's the difference? Radiohead had just played a 40,000 seat show near my house, and so i knew I wasn't taking food off of Radiohead's plate, whereas for this small-time artist, whom i had seen with 45 other people, I just might have been taking food off of her plate.

One way or the other, Orren Hatch should shut his pie-hole.


WASHINGTON, D.C. The Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday moved to reverse much of the Federal Communications Commission's recent relaxation of media ownership rules, casting bipartisan votes to restore limits on TV network size and prohibitions on cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcast stations.

After all, he invented TV

Mr Gore blamed his failure to secure the Presidency in 2000 on the conservative media, which he described as a fifth column that injects "daily Republican talking points into the definition of what's objective".

No, no, someone has to do it. I hope he calls Al Franken.

Jun 13, 2003

Please define enemy combatant for the folks in geneva


U.S. military officials say American troops have killed at least 97 enemy combatants
in Iraq this week during operations aimed at rooting out die-hard supporters of Saddam Hussein.

SYDNEY, Australia, June 12, 2003 (ENS) - A Newspoll commissioned by Greenpeace shows that a majority of Australians surveyed would be willing to pay $3.50 more on their monthly energy bills if it meant that 10 percent of Australia’s electricity would come from new renewable sources by 2010.

Well duh, it's a matter of actually having that extra 3.50 go toward the infrastructure.

Aussies and americans are somewhat comparable, apples to apples more or less, and i can say that most Americans would drive hybrids...... assuming they could find them, they were easy to operate, exploded even less often than current cars, and the car made them feel safe. Americans are pretty damned insecure.

I hope Volvo makes one. Ford owns them and could make it work with their hybrid engines. The Volvo image could sell it.

Check out mercedes R&D. They have a volkswagon eurovan run by a fuel cell,
"Its top speed is approximately 120 km/h.". That's 75 mph, and in a big bulky eurovan which is really only safe to 100 mph because it's so bulky and boxy. But it replaced a diesel engine and did well, under all conditions. "The vehicle's driver, who has only received the special training needed to handle the hydrogen-related systems, are impressed by how easy it is to use: "... just like a normal diesel...", its manoeuvrability, its quietness and its range of a good 150 kilometres.

Yes, from their PR website, but promising to hear.. from daimler chysler.

it's a step anyhow, and I'd love a hydrogen powered pickup, electric drive has great torque.

Read this

it's about bush and oil. lots of links, sounds about right

from the mad prophet


Jun 12, 2003

He got out of the car and immediately he had the traditional lamb-sacrificed-under –your-feet thingy happening to him, after that more sheep got the sacrificial treatment along with a couple of chickens and the meat was being distributed to the “poor”. There was a moment when the crowd gathering to get the meat was bigger than the crowd cheering for him. And there was of course the brave young man who pushed his way thru and snatched a chicken and ran off, everybody was after him “who cares what the king is saying, follow the meat”.

from Where's Raed?

He got out of the car and immediately he had the traditional lamb-sacrificed-under –your-feet thingy happening to him, after that more sheep got the sacrificial treatment along with a couple of chickens and the meat was being distributed to the “poor”. There was a moment when the crowd gathering to get the meat was bigger than the crowd cheering for him. And there was of course the brave young man who pushed his way thru and snatched a chicken and ran off, everybody was after him “who cares what the king is saying, follow the meat”.


From the Toronto Star

Maybe now we can come clean about the Jessica Lynch rescue.

It still pisses me off that they cut the power to a CIVILLIAN hospital.


My local paper has a call in number for verbal letters to the editor.

I made it in with a critique of my lazy local police dept, sleeping in the woods and missing speeding cars after tailgating me all the way home because I had an anti-war sticker on my car. I mean TAILGATING. Had it not clearly been a cop he would have hit my tailgate because i would have slammed my car into 1st gear.


Letter to the editor, Boston Globe

Your story, Doubt cast on Kerry's 'PAC-free' claim" (June 11, page A2), is intriguing, but it is not at all clear from the headline that Senator Kerry is -in fact- as free from PAC funding as he claims.

Previously, I did not know just how free of the corrupting influence of PAC money Senator Kerry was, and I am now significantly more inclined to vote for him in the 2004 Democratic party presidential primary.

I urge voters to take this PAC money issue to heart. Consider the tens of millions of PAC dollars the Bush-Cheney campaign took for 2000, and the resulting insinuations that this money has corrupted the administrations contracting proceedures and spending policies.

I don't mind that Sen Kerry misspoke about his first speech in the US senate, when his first written Senate record is what he was referring to. It's not as though Sen. Kerry claimed to have invented integrity, the internet, or a distinguished service in the military. Oh, he DID serve with distinction in active military service.

I want to vote for a man with both words and actions of integrity. I want to vote for a man who will address both active military members AND their families, on-shore, to thank them ALL for their sacrifice. He can fly out in a jet if it seems like fun, but I want a president who does not hide from protesters.

Thank you for a great story, but please be more cautious with your editorializing by headlines.

my hawk ate my homework

The Senate Intelligence Committee, facing mounting pressure to investigate whether faulty information on weapons of mass destruction was used to justify the attack on Iraq, will begin closed hearings next week on the matter, the panel's chairman said yesterday.

But House and Senate Republicans rejected Democrats' call for public hearings or a full-scale investigation of the controversy, saying that it would be premature to do so until Intelligence Committee members complete their internal review.

''We need to do our homework first,'' said Senator Pat Roberts, Republican of Kansas and chairman of the Intelligence Committee. He pledged to ''go about this in a very deliberate and bipartisan manner'' and said the panel would issue a statement ''when the committee deems it appropriate.''

Shouldn't you have done your homework BEFORE THE WAR??????????

Welcome to the cruel world
hope you find your way
welcome to the cruel world
hope you find your way
it's a cruel world
try to enjoy your stay

Whatever fears i had about this project
, they have evaporated.



From the DOD website: http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Jun2003/c06112003_ct408-03.html

Vinnell-Kellogg Brown and Root, Fairfax, Va., is being awarded a $22,873,929 cost-plus-award-fee contract to provide base operation and maintenance services at Incirlik, Izmir and Ankara, Turkey. Included functions are program management, civil engineering, transportation (vehicle operations and maintenance, Traffic Management Office), U.S. Customs, food services, golf course maintenance, reservation assistance, local national payroll services, occupational health and industrial hygiene, Ankara services (library, mail distribution, supply support, administration support, LAN system administration support, Pass and Registration) and Ankara operations (vehicle/equipment coordination and ammunition/weapon coordination) at the Office of Defense Cooperation, Turkey. In addition to day-to-day base operation and maintenance services, the contractor is also required to provide contingency and exercise support. The contractor will perform the majority of work in government-furnished facilities located at Incirlik Air Base and Izmir and Ankara, Turkey. At this time, $259,549 of the funds has been obligated. This work will be complete September 2009. Solicitation began November 2002. The U.S. Air Forces in Europe Contracting Squadron, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, is the contracting activity (61521-03-C-5400).

"I have high regard for Dr. Blix," said Powell. "I know that the president had confidence in him as well. And what we're doing now is looking forward, not looking backwards."

Not to admit that Mr. Blix was in fact, telling the truth, ya know, from a FIRST HAND PERSPECTIVE.

is Sec'y Powell for real? Des this man actaully represent my nation to other nations? I used to sort of like him in some sort of way.. almost. but now?

In the words of officer barbrady:

Nothing to see here, just move along


Their decomposed corpses had been tossed into a canal and covered with dirt, according to those who saw the bodies. They were shot in the eyes. Their stomachs were split open and their hearts and livers were missing. One man's brain was gone.

someone really needs to go and make this situation better.

So the Patriot Act jammed through Congress in six weeks.

There was a Congressional — there was a Senate hearing that lasted an hour and a half, there were no questions to the Attorney General by the senators. This is too important for our country. Whatever anyone's point of view, this should be a conversation that the country should have.

We are so badass

After the detention centre opened in January 2002, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called its inmates "among the most dangerous, best trained, vicious killers on the face of the Earth".

Later he clarified, insisting he meant to include mother rapin father stabbin baby-eating heathen scum to his hyperbole.

Rumsfeld said he thought they were "pretty good," then added that "for decades, the United States and France have been in marriage counseling.

Adding, France used to be our bitch, but ever since france took those psychology classes.......

(AP) - The U.S.-controlled Iraq Central Bank is printing new bank notes bearing the likeness of Saddam Hussein
- an effort to overcome a severe shortage of Iraqi dinars and to counteract fears of a surge in counterfeit currency.


Later that same story

He also announced a new $100 million construction fund - created with seized Iraqi government money - that will be used to repair Baghdad's damaged government ministries and other buildings, pounded by U.S. bombs and ravaged by looters.

Ummm.... so where is all of the money we just gave Bechtel going??

Jun 11, 2003

"I make no promises, but we will remember who our friends are," Bush said in a separate interview with Polish television. "And the Polish people have been strong friends of the United States. And for that, we are very grateful."

I wonder if his choice of words is not quite deliberate, yet perfectly accurate.

a comment I left on Atrios

someone said
"All self-described environmentalists are selfish. They all want to force society to change its behavior to suit their (the environmentalist's) desire."

I responded thus:

I think it's because all environmentalists have taken to heart the whole 'drive to pass on your genes' part of ecology....

and tofu-eating-environmentalist-monkeys are just smart enough to see that oil will destoy our biosphere eventually.

Remember, the only reason our planet is so mild at this time in geologic history is because for billions of years plants (mopstly microscopic plants) have taken Carbon (CO2, CO, etc..) out of the air and buried it underground. It used to be a lot hotter here... and a lot more energy used to be in the atmosphere (the more gas you have, the more molecules you have to hold the energy, thus, more measurable energy)

The Carbon was released by volcanic activity, at a fairly stable rate, in the first place, and sequestered by plants and eventually by plate tectonics. It's a good thing too. The molecular bond between the carbon and the oxygen in CO2 is especially good at absorbing sunlight. When this happens the molecule speeds up. When molecules speed up, the temperature of the whole (in this case atmosphere) heats up. ergo - Global Warming.

Global warming does NOT mean it gets hotter. it means that there is more energy in the system. More energy means higher highs and lower lows. Remeber this when you are in the middle of a heat wave in late september or when it's still snowing in May.

so, what happens when in the span of say 200 years, you dig up and re-release all this carbon that was taken out of the atmospheric system and placed into the geologic crust-mantle system.

I'd be lying if i said I knew for sure, but

anyone who says it's no problem is full of manure

an addendum: Compare our atmosphere with that of Mars or Venus. Not to say that life is sustainable there, but look at their atmospheres for examples of what happens when gasses vented by a planet are left to their own strictly chemical equilibrium. Lots of CO2, very little nitrogen, and no oxygen at all.

also Venus, whose size is nearly identical to our own has many times the gas volume (and thus atmospheric pressure) as our earth. The only thing reducing the atmosheric pressure on this planet Earth are plants and micro-organisms which turn atmospheric gas into solids (sugars, wood, and other compounds which when left to cook underground over time turn into oil and coal.

'nuff said?

File under 'DONT LET IT DROP'

"There was never any inference that the plane might be down, or something like that," said Marvin Miller, an airport official in Plainview, Tex. -- near Laney's home -- who said he was contacted by an "air interdiction" official on the evening of May 12. "There was never any safety concern, or indication that it was missing or overdue," Miller said. "The guy said at the end, 'This is just somebody looking for politicians they can't find.' "

I recall driving out to the Berkshires (mountains in western MA) and listening to an interview with Gore Vidal. It made me want to read some of his work. But I resist to this day. He may just be too wacko, BUT HE CHECKS HIS FACTS.

Vidal argues that the real motive for the Afghanistan war was to control the gateway to Eurasia and Central Asia's energy riches He quotes extensively from a 1997 analysis of the region by Zgibniew Brzezinski, formerly national security adviser to President Carter, in support of this theory. But, Vidal argues, US administrations, both Democrat and Republican, were aware that the American public would resist any war in Afghanistan without a truly massive and widely perceived external threat.

'Osama was chosen on aesthetic grounds to be the frightening logo for our long-contemplated invasion and conquest of Afghanistan ... [because] the administration is convinced that Americans are so simple-minded that they can deal with no scenario more complex than the venerable, lone, crazed killer (this time with zombie helpers) who does evil just for the fun of it 'cause he hates us because we're rich 'n free 'n he's not.' Vidal also attacks the American media's failure to discuss 11 September and its consequences: 'Apparently, "conspiracy stuff" is now shorthand for unspeakable truth.'

Some of the work of Mike Thompson

it ~could~ be worse for them. Imagine if the refineries are all fired up again in Iraq, commerce begins to pick up.
Then imagine US marines tearing up large sections of highways to find expired old dud and or no longer terribly useful weapons of mass destruction.

As well as probably a few more dead iraqi's.

All told it needed to be done, but I don't appreciate the general discredit, deflect, deny attitude from this administration

We're not dumb, we can handle the truth. What's going on? why the sudden intrest in the middle east. What's our plan for israel suddenly doing on the table when we have so many troops bordering syria?

Our nations current foriegn policy agenda is unclear and, well, hawkish at the moment.

And I don't like it

The possibilities are endless.
Is it bio-terrorism?
Was it released to a black market prarie-dog vendor to evade customs?
is it more from Mother Nature?
maybe a government bid to introduce widespread resistance before we release the disease?

The number of suspected cases of monkeypox in Indiana grew to 23 Tuesday, including four people who were hospitalized, as health officials across the nation try to stem the spread of the illness.

None of the cases were believed to be life-threatening, though state health officials declined to give any details.


Ok, not the same one, but it makes me wonder about how far from the tree the apple does fall

Rehnquist undermined the independence of the office, showed poor judgment and created "an atmosphere of anxiety and distrust," Congressional investigators say in a new report to be issued this month.
Rehnquist appeared to be "unduly influenced" by the officials who run those programs.
Rehnquist apparently bypassed Civil Service procedures in selecting an individual for a top Civil Service position, in possible violation of federal law.
Rehnquist said, "The whole gun incident was a tempest in a teapot."
Rehnquist combined official business with personal activities. "Large blocks of time could not always be accounted for," it said. For example, on an eight-day trip to San Francisco and Phoenix, the only official activities that could be documented were two half-hour speeches.
the accounting office found that the amount of money recovered from people accused of filing false claims declined by 47 percent, to $518.7 million in 2002 from $974 million in 2000, even though federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid rose 20 percent in those years.

what is the sound of one back being scratched?

Jun 6, 2003

Operating cost of Marine Corps One for an hour: unspecified

Operating cost of a Navy S3 Viking for an hour: unspecified plus seven dollars (from A Fleischer)

Giving a victory speech 300, i mean 30, miles offshore to a friendly audience of your employees and not their families, where not even Greenpeace can find you to protest your imperialist war: PRICELESS

"We're on the look. We'll reveal the truth," Mr. Bush told troops at Central Command headquarters in Doha, Qatar, an hour before boarding Air Force One and flying the length of Iraq and over Baghdad.--ep--

Just as soon as we finish the editing, added Press Secretary Fleisher, the truth will be out

Jun 4, 2003

"I believe that, as I told the Crown Prince, the Almighty God has endowed each individual on the face of the earth with -- that expects each person to be treated with dignity. This is a universal call. It's the call of all religions, that each person must be free and treated with respect. And it is with that call that I feel passionate about the need to move forward, so that the world can be more peaceful, more free and more hopeful.

Mr. President, thank you for convening this meeting. Tomorrow we've got important meetings, as well. This is the beginning of a process where all of us must not allow the few to destroy the hopes of the many. "

Which few do you mean, Mr Bush? As a US citizen my hopes are being downtrodden on a daily basis by your administration, and you're just a few people.....

I might also add that what the president says here,

atlhough it is clearly ( i think ) not what he meant,

that each individual has an expectation of being treated with dignity.

and that religion tries to address the issue,

but without stating that he believes that each person has that dignity.

And to hear him say that, even though it is a slip of the tongue,

It is still one of the most true things that has passed his lips.

Why I will keep voting for Ted Kennedy

from Atrios

I'd like to update last weeks predictions...

Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, then Uzbekistan, then syria and Egypt if they get uppity.

I had misssed uzbekistan before. my bad.

Jun 3, 2003

Here's a good point from Atrios


Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
the wretched refuse of Send these,
the homeless, tempest-tost to me, your teeming shore.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

"We make no apologies for finding every legal way possible to protect the American public from further terrorist attacks,'' said Barbara Comstock, director of public affairs for the Justice Department. Comstock said several federal courts have ruled the detentions are fully within the law.

More than 760 illegal immigrants were imprisoned in the weeks and months after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as authorities traced thousands of leads and sought to prevent a feared follow-up attack. Most of those people -- more than 500 -- have now been deported, and none have been charged as terrorists. Others are awaiting deportation.

According to the report, some detainees were locked in their cells for 23 hours a day and put in handcuffs and leg irons each time they were moved. For months, their cells were lit for 24 hours a day. Guards taunted some, warning them that they would ``die here.'' They were given only one call a week to a lawyer.

For example, we found that M.D.C. staff frequently, and mistakenly, told people who inquired about a specific Sept. 11 detainee that the detainee was not held at the facility when, in fact, the opposite was true.
the evidence indicates a pattern of physical and verbal abuse by some correctional officers at the M.D.C. against some Sept. 11 detainees, particularly during the first months after the attacks.

You know, Mr Ashcroft, most people are not bad people.

I must applaud your effort to ensure the highest standards in federal law enforcement, regardless of the situation. Nothing like a few months in supermax conditions to make a man a man. But it apparently won't make a suspect convictable, or to warrant any apology to the innocent, or any sort of explanation to the taxpayers (your employers, Mr. A) as for just why these 760 prisoners were treated in this rather inhumane fashion, when apparently most of their actual crimes included such offenses as overstaying their visa? And how about those teenagers we've held at camp x-ray? 14, not 19. Well done all around. Way to let fear and terror get to you. Soon enough though, once you can ram PATRIOT II down the throat of the congress, you can deport my ass to anywhere you like, despite my native birth. I await a knock on the door, and the ticket to the island.

This is a neat interview

Retired Air Vice-Marshal Peter Nicholson said it showed a much higher proportion of precision-guided munitions were fired at the beginning of the campaign but, as the war progressed, fewer advanced weapons were used.

He criticised the number of Tomahawk missiles, each costing more than $1.5 million, used by the US. "They fired far too many Tomahawks just because it kept the US Navy in play," he said. "They could have done the same thing with bombs from aircraft at a twentieth of the cost."

Is that the same US Navy that hosted him on the USS Lincoln? The Australian air marshall quoted must have forgotten that our airplanes now, each and individually, cost a little more than the entire annual budgets of some states and would make a pretty decent dent toward health coverage and spending a bit more money on education while we're at it.

But soon the baby boomers will retire and universal coverage will just occur. They're such softies.

Officer Jeffrey Postell, 21, drew his pistol and arrested the man. Cherokee County deputies later identified him as Eric Rudolph, who for five years had evaded authorities seeking him in connection with fatal bombings at a Birmingham abortion clinic and the Atlanta Olympics.

Haaaaaaay! We caught a terrorist that we've heard of!

Just in time to distract us from the 'warm' reception the president got in France